Friday, November 5, 2010

Ecumencial Patriarch Remands Met. Paisios and Bishop Vekintios to Greece

Pending a full investigation and comprehensive report the Ecumenical Patriarchate has remanded Metropolitan Paisios and Bishop Vikentios to Greece. Apparently the two hierarchs didn't see this coming. Metropolitan Paisios showed up at the Phanar with his billionaire brother perhaps in some fained attempt to sway the Synod's recommendations. Bishop Vikentios was not able to distance himself from the scandal as he had wished when initially reporting to the press his concern. Likewise, red herrings about fiscal improprieties where not front and center which has proven to be more manageable for this demonic duo.
Rather the focus of inquiry, the more grotesque allegations of what amounts to human sex trafficking of financially disadvantaged youth, from the congregation, some of whom reportedly 'joined' the monastery as minors and remained sequestered within the walls. I have hesitated to report speculation which has circulated but currently the reporting is vast and the investigation by the feds and local law enforcement indicates just cause. That being said this stinks to high heaven.
It appears that Met. Paisios wishes to retire in Greece to avoid federal indictment and incarceration. While Bishop Vikentios wishes to remove himself entirely from the abuse. Apparently the Monastery of Saint Irene has been converted into a feeder system for the sexual exploitation of boys and girls. (Perhaps the weeping icon as been grieving for the victims at her monastery and not the far off Gulf War). These allegations are being reported by press nationally and internationally. According to reports there are affidavits and witnesses and victims who are talking to the NY police and the FBI.
His All-Holiness is leaving no stone unturned and is sending a top notch investigative team to assess the scope of this alleged abuse. As already mentioned the Ecumenical Throne has forbidden the two hierarchs to return to the United States to limit tampering and intimidation of witness and victims. My prayer goes out to all the victims and their families. I understand that the Church in her wisdom has protocol with addressing such cruelty. I also hope that independent of such corrective measures that the federal investigation move ahead and that all who are liable are held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Jeremiah said...

Sad, sad state os affairs. Not only pray for the direct victims, but the indirect victims as well. Also, I think this prayer is in order as well:

LemonLime said...

Funny, you seem to be such a supporter of the Patriarch but you fail to mention why he accepted these scoundrels in the first place. Everyone in NY knew they were trouble, this doesn't come as a surprise. You failed to mention the suitcase of money they showed up with to buy their ordinations in the first place back in the 90's. That deal seemed pretty sweet to Bartholomeos, huh? That's called simony.

Angela Damianakis m.s.w said...

Dear LemonLime, your comments would have validity if you did not sheild yourself behind anonymity. As for the assimilation of the congregation in the 1990's the Orthodox Church celebrates when the lost are found and when the prodigal returns. Perhaps then Archbishop Spyridon was mislead or even seduced not by money, but by the desire to reform and save the lost. When the penetitant waits at the hospitial entrance you accept them in. They were re-ordained and their parishoners re-baptised christmated etc. Any monetary donation whether given by a heirarch or individual is a token of love and sacrifice. We should not immediately assume the negative. We should lament that it would appear that the two heirarchs in question are in worse condition then before their conversion. We must pray for them their victims the church at large. I would hate to think that His All-Holiness would deny any individual or group full participation in the One Holy Catholic Church because some have lacked good judgement or have demonstrated double mindedness.

LemonLime said...

Angela, I actually agree with your comments. My issue is that here in NY, it was VERY OBVIOUS that they were trouble from the beginning. They have a very shady history and some accusations of immoral behavior from their past. I just found it hard to believe that the Patriarch would accept them with a plan of keeping them as bishops...until I heard of the 'donations' they gave. Why not accept them as laypeople or monks? They obviously had canonical impediments to ordination. -George from NY

Maria said...

I have been going to this church since 2 years old, I'm now 39. I'm disgusted with everything. I am also close to one of the victims and her family. My heart has been hurting since I found out.

The bishops have been extremists for many many years and my parents plus the parents of my friends have all fallen under their spell. The bishops have betrayed the parishoners twice. The first time when they converted from the Julian calender to the Gregorian and now this.

Bishop Vikentios should he come out of this crystal clear should never step foot in that church again. As for Paisios life in prison is not enough for the lives that he has destroyed.

Angela Damianakis m.s.w said...

Maria, please contact me via facebook messaging or email or aim elgreca262