Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unanimously Decided to Suspend Paisios and Vikentios

The road to hell is paved with ...

"It is hereby announced that the Hierarchs of the Throne in our City gathered for an extraordinary session today, December 17, 2010, and revisited the issue which has arisen at the Patriarchal and Stravropegial Monastery of St. Irene Chrysovalantou in Astoria, New York, unanimously arriving at the decision to suspend indefinitely both Metropolitan Paisios of Tyana, former Abbot of the Monastery, and Bishop Vikentios of Apameia, its former Deputy Abbot, from every clerical function".

I have refrained from posting further articles on this scandal even when prodded by other bloggers. I wanted to wait to hear the decision from the Phanar. I was resolute in affirming that the Patriarcate would not harbor any offender and would address the matter with all wisdom and courage. Much to the disbelief of others this proved to be true. Although formal allegations were not disclosed, the Phanar did the responsible thing and after reviewing the investigation essentially refused the resignation of Met. Paisios and suspended both he and Bishop Vikentios indefinitely.

This will prevent them from furthering to poison the water hole as it were. This internal investigation proved more fruitful then the one conducted in New York by the police officials or even the Feds. I would venture to say that pressure to sequester witnesses by the community, simply well covered tracks or the technicality on statute of limitations has thus prevailed. Of course the case is not yet closed to my knowledge so I can only assume the investigation will continue. Interestingly, defrocked priest and self proclaimed iconographer George Lemonakis has crept back to the shadows as has is chums.

To those who were drooling at the bit to disparage the Ecumenical Synod 'boo hoo'. To those too cowardly to come out and state their concerns but only slug innuendo and gossip "fatta" (eat it).


Jeremiah said...

I am glad to hear that a strong decision was made for the sake of the holiness of the Church and the healing of its people.
I will be quick to add that we should be praying for the former Met and his assistant, as well as the other man you mentioned. If the ministry of the Church is reconciliation to God, that goes no less for those who have offended.

George said...

What's a "self proclaimed iconographer"? I didn't know iconographer is a title bestowed on someone. Are you a "self proclaimed blogger?"