Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fr. Gregory Trakas Open Letter to Parish Council

Thank you to Phyllis for her encouraging words In tribute to her offering today I republish this all all other posts regarding the wolf Gregory Trakas. 

(More to come now that I have checked my sources and have learned the extent of his malevolence)

February 2, 2014

Dear Parish Council Members,

I regret the need to inform you that communications with Father Gregory, our parish priest, of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene has reached incendiary levels.  On several occasions when I tried to convey my concerns privately Father Gregory became offensive using spurious comments to deflect, demean and divert conversation. Father Gregory has not demonstrated the capacity in my direct exchanges with him, to listen to my concerns, without seemingly being choked off by his own self-righteous anger. He even purports his royal priesthood makes him beyond reproach; admonishing me not to speak and that he and I are not equals: “we are not the same”.  He seems unable to process information in a receptive manner; enough to allow for the voice of another.

On one occasion I addressed my concerns with Father Gregory while several board members were present.  His first reaction in addressing my concerns was to be accusatory insinuating I was misinformed and to deny out right my statements; suggesting that I do my fact-finding before addressing him. It was only in my persistence that he acknowledged that he misrepresented his behavior.

Father Gregory is immoderate in his communications with me: either going on the attack or being completely defensive. He seems to lack sincere interest in what is being asked or needed but chooses rather to formulate defense strategies.  His statements lead me to conclude that he finds my voice an irritation and an unwelcomed intrusion on his time. Responding to a person who expresses feelings of neglect by telling them they are both incorrect and “negative” is a septic attack.

I have made my concerns known to Father Gregory in good faith to find resolution and to each of you several times as board members of St. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene to advocate, but it seems as if there is no recourse. The way this man is mistreating me needs to be conveyed formally as I can only conclude I am not alone in my frustration and distress.  I would hope for a formal response to my concerns which are echoed throughout the community.

In His service I humbly remain,


CC: His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios
       Fr. George Tasahakis, Chancellor
       Fr. James Rousakis, Vicar

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