Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fr. Gregory Trakas uses his epitrahili as a body shield

Republished to remain steadfast with those who are old weak and unable to speak out of intimidation and fear.posts regarding the wolf Gregory Trakas. 
As I begin to lay the foundation for substantiating claims and accusations about the misgivings and deception of Fr. Gregory Trakas I want to impart this thought. Clerics are ‘set apart’ in that the measure of good standing and good faith, right living and accountability should be beyond reproach; not above scrutiny.  Additionally they have special responsibility in not allowing their failings to exploit their privileged position as to not scandalize believers. It would be misbehavior that is the root cause of such fall-out not the exposure. 

Additionally there is no a moral equivalence between a blog contributor and the clerics of the church. The ethical standard for editorials pale in comparison to the official homilies of clerics. When priests and intentionally mislead the public about the particulars they do betray the public trust. The fact that deception is rooted out is not the cause of scandal or an act of disloyalty. I seek not to become complicit by omission. What will follow is not propaganda and allegations are asserted by primary sources and there exist records which are  kept by key player many of whom shall anonymous for their safety and well being. This is not done to craft some evasive posture but solely to protect the lowly and disempowered who are afraid of possible reprisal from the coercion and intimidation of Fr Gregory and his minions. 

Fr. Gregory consistently uses his epitrahili as a body shield he is purposefully misusing influence to fly beneath the radar and as a red herring to drive discussion about what is acceptable to request from a priest as opposed to dealing directly with concerns. Fr. Gregory is malicious and underhanded his humility and are merely a thin veneer.  Veiled beneath his statement of good will is a conniving disingenuous man who plays one against the other while he poaches from the flock the elderly and widows. Fr. Gregory has a messianic complex,  is delusional and imbalanced.

More times then I care to detail I have been personally accused of being disrespectful. However information gathering and due diligence has provided unequivocal support of my claims of Fr. Gregory’s hidden agendas, self serving intentions and what amount to ambulance chasing and preying on the weak. There is no honesty in the man he seems incapable of ever giving a straight answer.  Sadly his calculated extremist tactics have made him an effect offender.  He has made efforts to sure up his base appealing to the naive nature of some, conflating issues as to incite others to his defense and summoning his minions has set about with their non-official (unsolicited) telephone calls and to victims to reframe the discussion and debate. He has doubled his propaganda efforts and revisionist history to derail the concerns and quiet the faint hearted. Fr Gregory’s shell game in an attempt to disassociate himself by slandering and attacking the character and stability of those who come forward.

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