Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gregory Trakas and Rasputin

A Tribute to Phyllis, who charged me as I left for work after attending services at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in New Port Richey (for Feast of Saint George). Smoke blew from her nostrils as she puffed her cigarette nervously seemingly outraged by my previous blogs entries reporting and outing Gregory Trakas.  I had removed them for Lent and out of respect for local victims and parishioners who were experiencing significant dissonance.  My confirmation of said events and questionable conduct and maleficence  is evident in those victims who have classic signs of acute Post Traumatic Stress with their loss of appetite, hyper vigilance, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, despair and fear  . It lead him and his minions to reframe the argument that I had somehow retracted my comments. However in light of her tenor and words of rebuke I saw fit to I republish this and all other posts regarding the wolf Gregory Trakas.  I have always stood as an advocate on the local, national and international seen for several causes do not speculate I collect information and voice concerns  regarding several matters to include clerical neglect, abuse or malpractice and for causes like religious freedom for the Ecumenical See. This plain and clear for all 26,000+ visitors/readers. 

The struggle is upon us. I have not chosen the battle or the battlefield and will not be hampered by formality or "appearances". If Father Gregory wishes for me to stop this campaign he could stop it in this moment; in the instant he confesses and resigns his position. His efforts are all spent like a miser collecting widows' fortunes and defending his reputation rather than self-examination and amending his own behaviors. He will not answer questions like why do you spend so much of your time with vulnerable women until all hours? And where is his young wife and small child  and why are they not with him? More to the point one might ask what he's doing even in the priesthood in light of recent allegations?

Make no mistake I will not be distracted by his whining about how I and all who see are 'against him' or hostile, as these questions of repeated instances of  gross negligence are not about our behavior.  At every turn with each accusation Father Gregory says that they are unfounded suspicions, rumor and baseless attacks from those who are jealous of him.  Yet with each passing day more individuals come forward with their corroborated stories, with their antidotal proofs and their evidence. Father has tried to rebuke and intimidate me stating directly "I resent you even speaking to me." Newsflash: I get to speak and think for myself to decide what is important for me. He seems accustomed or inclined to think I should supplant my will for his.

Father Gregor encourages and facilitates the means and methods for the weak and the vulnerable to do well beyond what is appropriate; well beyond their capacity and then he side steps and ducks the crossfire disavowing is active solicitation and quite literally blaming all others. I am not satisfied with Father Gregory's refusals to address matters. His emphatic denial and passionate pleads are not convincing; as he all while he is scheming playing one against the other. Experience dictates there must be more people then I am aware of; many more who are too afraid to come forward. Despite my diligence it is statistically unlikely that I have been able to speak with and hear from all of those for whom he is mistreated.  I have more then my suspicion. I have my conviction. 

Often times he encouraged board members or those who expressed concern to divulge the identities of those who feel taken advantage of so he can confront and silence them. He requests to humiliate further the victims by some archaic inquisition style interrogation. What is more he is smug enough to think these people will not come forward willingly because he has both seduced and manipulated them with his demagoguery; with his Jim Jones drink the Kool-Aid approach, with fear of hellfire.

I acknowledge that I had a fundamental mistrust a Father Gregory once I began to spend some time with him and that there is little that he could say that will sway me.  Note however this is not based on my 'intuition', or forgive me discernment, it is based on my years and experience as a practicing psychotherapist. You see it is not just Father Gregory who telegraphs unconsciously his deviance but also those who have been victimized and manipulated who carry with them a set of their own tells. 

Father Gregory, and some misguided and disillusioned individuals, site protocols and niceties to shield him from transparency and being accountable not just for his ineptitude, not just for his laziness, or inexperience but for the abuses of his power. Father Gregory has a history, a past: with a wife, a little baby girl and aging mother on another continent an away ocean. He tells anyone who will listen that he is not supported by this or his previous parish to bring them.  This is  his second parish in two years and he seeks to go elsewhere so he may exploit a new set of unsuspecting individuals.

Father Gregory would like to think I do not have any proof but regardless of his denial and dismissiveness I have testimonies, cases and a comprehensive insight into his sociopathology. Regardless of his denial and calculated extremist tactics I have my certainty and am unshaken. Father Gregory misconstrues the confessional, obedience and church order as the abdication of his personal accountability. He misconstrues his position to discourage abdication of responsibility of each member in the church to protect, one from the other, and in some very rare instances from the clergy. 

He should understand that his immediate removal from our parish is only the beginning or he will have mistaken me and my purpose to. I am calling for his suspension and further sanctions. This remains in the hands of the spiritual court of course but lest we forget "A dog that bites is a dog that bites". I follow the example of those that have come before me who stood with the weak and simpleminded against the Rasputins.  I am encouraged and prepare for battle I urge other soldiers to take charge and wholeheartedly fight against those who exploit the weak and misuse their clerical garb. As far as is possible contending courageously against injustice neglect, self-interest and exploitation I press on. I remain encouraged knowing how necessary protections are and how damaging it is to the dignity of the human being to be mis-used or seen as a means to an end.

When a man falls into corruption, is it not the churches responsibility, the people's responsibility to first address directly, and then as a community to admonish, and then went such deceit seems buried within the heart of the person to expose it?  I pray for prudence and the endurance to stay the course. I pray that the Lord grant me the courage to keep my lips speaking truth despite pressure to be silenced. 

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