Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gregory Trakas "lacked any semblance of priestly dignity"

A Tribute to Phyllis, who charged me as I left for work after attending services at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in New Port Richey (for Feast of Saint George). Smoke blew from her nostrils as she puffed her cigarette nervously seemingly outraged by my previous blogs entries reporting and outing Gregory Trakas.  I had removed them for Lent and out of respect for local victims and parishioners who were experiencing significant dissonance.  It lead him and his minions to reframe the argument that I had somehow retracted my comments. However in light of her tenor and words of rebuke I saw fit to I republish this and all other posts regarding the wolf Gregory Trakas.  I have always stood as an advocate on the local, national and international seen for several causes do not speculate I collect information and voice concerns  regarding several matters to include clerical neglect, abuse or malpractice and for causes like religious freedom for the Ecumenical See. This plain and clear for all 26,000+ visitors/readers. 
And so brothers and sisters it seems impossible for Fr. Gregory Trakas to gracefully accept his removal as pastor of a local Florida parish. An innocent evening out to enjoy a concert of Byzantine chants and fellowship was hijacked by the poor etiquette and intrusively shameless behavior of Fr. Gregory. It saddens me to report that he paraded like a jester at his own homecoming.  His buffoonery would be laughable if it wasn't indicative of a true pathology. As I sat with my family he approached dawning his cassock as if a taffeta dress while dawning and his satchel like a studded purse. He lacked any semblance of priestly dignity by breaching a proper threshold of personal space and had the audacity to intrude and impose himself there where elderly and young children were present. He preyed on the civility and polite redirection of those shocked by his brazenness. He tried to lecture my husband on a coming together so that the people do not talk about him. He then quite literally cornered as he approached other family members speaking about unity.  As adults tried to shield the children from the obvious tensions he encroached further grandstanding as the banquet hall guests served as his captive audience watching on. If we remain silent and allow Gregory Trakas to fashion history, to make appearances which are at a minimum in poor taste and then to intimidate people with his septic and underhanded soft tone then we are fools. Father continues to send out his team who continue to call victims, parishioners and members to chastise and defend this man's reputation putting aside to the point of delusion his dereliction to dignity.  They have under his direction even organized in telling families not to attend the local parish.  Fr. Gregory has found some support and this is a good thing if it leads him to humility but he has traveled and traversed in gaining a glaring audacity. I cannot imagine what he hopes to gain. He seems concerned only with perpetuating his fabricated victim hood. His intimidation tactics are flaccid. May the Lord help him find his way back home to his own family oceans away, so he can hope to fulfill his initial commitment to the Mystery of Matrimony, which serves as a good teacher of heading a family. He lacks any authority in lecturing those of us who are in longstanding committed first marriages, nearing a quarter century I might add, on responsibility and accountability  or appearances.  He feels comfortable enough to go where the sheep are to poison the watering holes drawing to himself those who were raised to respect the priest unquestionably especially during the times of celebration and relaxation. This seems to fly in the face of the Metropolis forbidding him to serve in any official capacity as a priest. 

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