Saturday, April 30, 2011

Conspiracy Theories No More Fr. Joseph Fester and Rod Dreher Outed?

More times then I care to detail I have been personally accused of being small-minded, slanderous and paranoid. Now unequivical evidence of my claims of conspiracy and hidden agendas on the part of OCA leadership and the Orthodox Internet Pentarchy (now six) either through explicit compliance or through a willful denial has surfaced. Mark Stokoe has aquired and published 'alleged' emails from Fr. Joseph Fester OCA Chancellor DOS and current head priest at the cathedral in D.C and Rod Dreher who runs the Belief Net. I am currently reviewing the emails so I will say more on them in my next posting. The lay, clergy and hierarchs wishing to lead the Orthodox in America have engaged in all sorts of strategic extremist tactics. The OCA machine with their non-official media groups have started to reframe the debate and have doubled their propaganda efforts and revisionist history.

Until now the OCA has played the shell game in an attempt to disassociate itself with non-official organizations. The OCA leadership by not condemning such extremism is using these groups as an extension of their operation. In my next blog I will post the 'alleged' email correspondences expose the degree to which this coup on Orthodoxy in America has metastasized throughout the official and unofficial OCA representatives and their Internet media outlets.

Mark Stokoe has jumped ship and for that they intend on marginalizing him and discrediting his reporting. I'm sure defamation suits will incur. We should note that while the OCA has been demanding apologies for breaking the story on Met. Jonah's respit and subsequent reporting they have been frantic trying to regain a stronghold and distract the populous.

Reader be aware when visiting orthodox websites noted in previous blogs entries which are essentially commonly-owned-or-operated, collectively-promoted, mutually-motivated, misleadingly-traditional-and-accomplished Orthodox ministries. In reality these are propaganda businesses. Their sole purpose is to re-educate, disorientate and motivate their readers to adopt there heretical theologoumena, uncanonical orthodox theology, and hyper vigilant personal intentions.

Orthodox Christian Laity
American Orthodox Institute
Orthodoxy Today

Simply take the time to review and scan these sites and you will understand that they are not objective reporters but editorials of a very narrow destructive vantage. Visit their pages listing their supporters and Board Members and Staff. While watchdogs like me have had to underwrite all the expense of my work They have made full time careers pushing their books, audio pod casts and speaking stipends. We have a radio station whose line up endorse these same individuals, an Orthodox Speakers Bureau that endorses some of the most unsound topics and discredited clerics and speakers seeking to legitimise itself through parasitism means. This propaganda is filtered and passed out for the consumption of all. Most interestingly, though distant from any impartial mission statement and not close to objective Orthodox ecclesiastic or theological interests, these Internet businesses collaborate intimately with business partners most of whom are not Orthodox and do not share any semblance to or prerogative with our Holy Tradition.

Stay tuned for the email correspondences mentioned above in the following post.

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