Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sat. Morning Run Sabotaged

At seven am I new something went awry. Cell phone alarm did not sound. In fact it was set for 6.55 not 5.50. Odd. I knew there would be hot java waiting so here I sit writing and drinking my wonderful beverage. The sun has already risen and the sun set will be seen behind the lens of my camera as my kids head out (with me of course) for the fall festivities. I readily admit my disappointment because I enjoy my Sat morning 13 miler at the park but looking for the silver lining I am planning on running from my house to Church maybe tomorrow. I can leave at 6.30 at be their for liturgy. There is even a shower I can rinse off in church house. My husband can bring me clean clothes when he comes with the kids. I have been meaning to do this for a while a run for my sister-in-law who is recovering from thyroid cancer. And for Paula who is recently had a 14 pound tumor removed along with a muscle in her butt area and her colon. Running thirteen would interfere with that tomorrow. If the kids decide to  go with their cousins to a haunted house then I could do the run in the afternoon and meet then there as they live within a mile from church. The heat has been a huge obstacle. It cools off for a day and then the humidity comes right back. This is the first Halloween I remember in the last 15years which has been so hot.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AMEN 'I don't want to know what he can do I want to know who he is"

Thanks JN1034!!!

John Couretas · And AOI Cronies

Apparently John and his possy fail to understand the longstanding Orthodox Tradition. We are not a legalistic group as the Roman Catholic Church. We do not burn people at the village square. They are given pastoral guidance and assitance. We are lead; not beaten into submission. One minute AOI dipicts His All Holiness as controling, subersive and domineering the next an amoral passivist. Confusion has run a muck and someone gave them  keyboards to muddy the waters.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wall Street Journal Reports Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew


Last week, 200 leaders in the environmental movement gathered in New Orleans for the eighth ecological symposium organized by the Orthodox Christian Church. Participants included leading scientists and theologians, politicians and policy makers, business leaders and NGOs, environmentalists and journalists. Similar conferences have taken place on the Adriatic, Aegean, Baltic, and Black Seas, the Danube and Amazon Rivers, and the Arctic Ocean. This time we sailed the mighty Mississippi to consider its profound impact on the U.S. and its fate within the global environment.

It may seem out of character for a sacred institution to convene a conference on so secular an issue. After all, Jesus counseled us to "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" (Mark 12:17). Climate change, pollution and the exploitation of our natural resources are commonly seen as the domain not of priests but rather of politicians, scientists, technocrats or interest groups organized by concerned citizens. What does preserving the planet have to do with saving the soul?

A lot, as it turns out. For if life is sacred, so is the entire web that sustains it. Some of those connections—the effects of overharvesting on the fish populations of the North Atlantic, for example—we understand very well. Others, such as the long-term health impacts of industrialization, we understand less well. But no one doubts that there is a connection and balance among all things animate and inanimate on this third planet from the Sun, and that there is a cost or benefit whenever we tamper with that balance.

Moreover, just as God is indivisible, so too is our global environment. The molecules of water that comprise the great North Atlantic are neither European nor American. The particles of atmosphere above the United Kingdom are neither Labour nor Tory. There can be no double vision, no dualistic worldview. Faith communities and nonbelievers alike must focus on the common issue of the survival of our planet. The natural environment unites us in ways that transcend doctrinal differences.

This is not to negate the need for action by nations, both individually and in concert with other nations. Quite the contrary—they are vital. The Obama administration has committed the United States to a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by the year 2050. And there are growing expectations that meaningful progress can be made in the United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled to take place in Copenhagen this December. There are in fact many promising developments on the political front. But it would be a mistake to treat human impact on the environment simply as a political issue. Not only does it have a profoundly spiritual dimension, as we have shown, but that spiritual dimension offers a huge additional lever that can be used to motivate our brothers and sisters around the world to take action on this critical issue.

This is why we call upon leaders of all faiths to involve themselves and their communities in one of the great issues of our time. Ours is a powerful voice. And our belief in the unity and interconnectedness of all things constitutes a strong argument for immediate action.

Is this an issue for Caesar or for God? We believe it must be approached in both its political and spiritual dimensions. Climate change will only be overcome when all of us—scientists and politicians, theologians and economists, specialists and lay citizens—cooperate for the common good.

The Ecumenical Patriarch is the spiritual leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians. He is the author of "Encountering the Mystery" (Doubleday) and "In the World, Yet Not of the World" (Fordham).

His All-Holiness at Saint Demetrios Cathedral, Astoria, NY

 His All-Holiness at Saint Demetrios Cathedral, Astoria, NY original post by Bishop Savas on facebook

Bishop Christodoulos poor form weak character

Angela Damianakis commented on the facebook posting of the Bishop. "it would appear the Bishop Christodoulos' judgement is as poor as his taste".

(Photo Abbot of Stavro-nikitas Monastery Athos) The Wonderment of It All

First I'd like to shout out to the one (three) who took the time to visit my website link late last night. I appreciate the time you spent and welcome to any and all suggestions you have.

Now, I did some 'free associating' last night and had three repetitive or reoccuring themes surface: unfinished or resolved issues with my absentee dad and his current wife, my participation as wife and mother in my own family, the matter of business and work and the pleasant surprise running.

So let's just focus on running. Not running races or setting PR's but simply recognizing and acknowledging that I have accomplished the impossible. I was a child and adolescent who smoked cigarettes and abused my system. I joined track one year in high school for one week. I had a close friend in college who was a runner. I wanted to and tried several times with no success. I was cemented to the ground and everything reverberated in my head. In fact the only stability I had in high school, the only success, was in singing. I sang in every group and competition available. I sang the national anthem at graduation. I gave up singing in college to punish myself or my parents it's not clear. The only place you'll find me vocalizing now is in the pews.

So I mention all this for several reasons first I believe most people struggle with their relationships, their work, and fail to acknowledge and embrace fully and completely the progress and transformation when it does happen. I have to of course balance all this celebration with my abrasive tone and def con 5 approach to parenting. I have become what I loath in many ways initially fearful that my children will who are unspoiled and pure, might get messy. I have never thought it easy or realistic the think that there is some emotional white out waiting to put distance between you and your moments of defeat and sin. I know that despite what progressives are telling our children about the only consequences to grave errors in judgement are the ones imposed by a judgmental conservative group or class. I have not found that in my life.

Judgment and condemnation have always come at my own hand. This idea that the past is of no consequence is an inane and damaging concept. I don't suggest walking around lamenting your mistakes or errors but they live with you and are as much a testament to who you are as your successes. Interrupting patterns of defeat and destitution, the loneliness and isolation, the personal neglect and dereliction comes only when you insert initially what is a artificial a new pattern of behavior and thought process which over time through the heavy hand of persistence and consistency will fertilize the good in you.

Sweat equity goes a long way because it does demonstrate a willingness a determination, fortitude, endurance and stamina. Will running make you rich? Not in a hocus pocus kind of way but it will change you in ways you never imagined and at times it will feel like the only life line. When I actively trained at the dojo many parents who would watch instead of train didn't much see the value for themselves. Spending two-four nights a week for 6 years did more then train me as martial artist. It made many other things possibilities like running and being prepared for brain surgery and just getting my stuff done. Not to mention being a role model for the kids who are themselves black belts in fact Theophani is a second degree and by her 18th birthday she will be a son don 3rd degree. Stavro-nikitas is testing for his second degree ni dan in January. I hope to start training my hands katas (forms) at home. It just takes a commitment.

By the way for everyone who would prefer to dismiss the efforts of athletes in general I would ask what kind of consequence or result do you think would come from a person who spends 2-4 times a week at happy hour or 2-3 hours a weeks drinking with friends? There are impacts and consequences for all of our behavior. The beauty of the system is picking which result you want and then behaving in like manner. Wishful thinking doesn't get your there. It never has for me.

p.s. the great and wonderous saints of our church did spend their lifetimes in regret for the time before their conversion and recognized the sorrowful tears of remorse beneficial to one's soul.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

blog enteries don't do the running justice

I think about my blog quite often during my two hour (give or take) run. I think about the regular reader who tunes in to hear about my adventures no matter how common. They take interest and find my postings amuzing, appealing and sometimes  thought provoking. Why the interest? Now when I am actively talking about the plight of the Phanar and outspoken about the Ecumenical Patriarchate I understand the interest. But the curiosity about my runs allude me. I am grateful for your continuance and presence. My readers give me the inclination to be more decisive more thoughtful. Today was particularly prayerful my feet tapping the pavement like a symadron calling me to prayer; back to my nous, the nucleus of my soul (the Atom of my person). I refer to biological terminology because it makes such things more accessible. I don't like to call them abstractions because they are concretely present. So I apologize for not giving my entries especially on the long runs more effort at the computer terminal. Greetings and salutations. As I remember many of you on the run remember Christ is in our midst.

213 songs on the shuffle (no i didn't hear them all today)

What can be said for the morning runs i've been having except "wow". I have been so blessed with awesome weather and solitude. I haven't mentioned not having a gps or watch in over a month. It is so wonderful to be present, pleasantly moving along the path before me. There was nothing in the way of visible wildlife today save a frantic armadillo. There were far less cyclists today also. I was prayerful and thoughtfully single minded as ideas moved in and out of focus. I almost talked myself out of waking up this morning glad I didn't listen.

Friday, October 23, 2009

You Know It's Good When You Can't Stop

My consulting has been off to a slow start. All signs are not pointing to good health but I can't quit. No matter how many people look at me crooked and confused, no matter how many times I hear it's a waste of time and effort, I know it is worthwhile and will be lucrative. I am a good helper I care about the economia of the church and its faithful. I know something about orthopraxis though I am not a perfect example of it. I know that there are multitudes of persons with information a plenty but they don't have what I have. God gave me this ability to understand to listen and to motivate and come hell or highwater I'm going to use it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Running and Oblivion

This evening was provided another glorious landscape for my run. I have been on autopilot during these excursions. The past two runs haven't been over three miles but they are long enough to get me moving but not so long to run down my recovering system. Mia enjoyed the run too. Movement is a healthy mindset. It has a way of cleaning out the cobwebs with one swift breeze. I am glad I have the run to connect with my self and my God. It has become a time for prayer on an unconscious level. It begins and continues beckoning my attention from stress and anger and disappointment. Like a vacuum blowing negativity into oblivion. I can't change everything I can't change most things but I can run and establish my own parameters of success. That's the Sweet Life.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Banishment Can it be a Good Thing?

I have spent the better part of my day banishing self doubt and fear and loathing. Nothing wards of the willies like a good run. So this evening before becoming completely cemented into place I took off. Mia was in her stroller and enjoyed the cool breeze and cresant moon. I took this more step easy and my only goal as pleasure. Wonderful it was!! Nothing like banishing inerta what a horrible space to be stuck in. Glad it's over. As a sidenote got another revamping. I am working with the layout until I find one that suits just right. The hard sell is the difficult part because people have been mislead by the competition. I hope this project can pay off for me so I can put my talent to good use.

Cold Feet Frustration while Seated at a Banquet

Well I have continued about my work of setting up a viable business which is distinguished from my ministry of consulting and guiding people. I have been doing that for years and never collected money. According to my research there are hundreds if not thousands of gurus, experts, certified paraprofessionals a plenty. They sell everything from 'books' and coaching software programs to access to blogs and some one to one contact. I have found 'a course in miracles' which is an unholy endeavor but very profitable and others who rump around the world with their hypnotist and yoga experts in hand. I was afraid very afraid for the searchers the seekers who find snake oil and poison. I am now trying to figure out how to make this lucrative. I need to be able to generate a healthy income so I can continue my efforts full time and stay on my path. Cutting through the jungle is no easy task. It is difficult for me to explain to people why the approach to living, inner peace and our relationship to God can't take any path there are the one's that lead home and others that lead astray. I am praying for insight and the key to this issue and hoping for prosperity. Actively banishing all ideas which tell me it can’t be done and certainly not by me. Walking the walk.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thanks Jn 1034 syntheopoiesis

How should we study Theology? by Kallistos Ware at SPU from J norm on Vimeo.

Halloween Decorations

Just for the record I don't get Halloween decorations. I am looking out of my window from my beautiful home in my wonderful neighborhood to find orange lights adorned with jack lanterns and goblins. I always enjoy the Christmas fuss the lights and ornamentation. I don't even worry about the commercialization of Christmas because I think it's fantastic that 2000 years after His birth, He is supporting a world wide economy. For me Christmas lights and the secular 'hymns' have become the new iconography (small 'i'). It draws even the more ornery types to holiday cheer. Even the most obstinate atheist can't resist buying his sweetheart a holiday gift. I'm just saying.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Down with a cold or flu and making the Unlist

The weather has been cool and wonderful since Friday. I have been under the weather which is a bit frustrating waiting so long for cooler weather for more regular runs. We attended the opening of the featuring Elias Damianakis. It was a nice show and will be there for one month. I took this time with family to clarify my personal and professional goals. I have been reworking my framework and perspective a bit. It is such an important part of living which gets overlooked too often. It is not like writing a list. It is so much more then that.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Istanbul Turkey Ecumencial Patriarchate The Phanar District

I was reviewing my statistics and have noticed an international interest and trend in the postings on civil rights violations in Turkey and the cause of His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeo. I remain firmly in my loyalty and devotion to the Holy See of the Patriarchate and will continue to protest publically the immoral injustice petpetrated by Turkey, Islam and even Orthodox Christians in the United States. God bless the Ecumenical Throne and gaurd it against all arrows of evil.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Six Plus Miles and Several Errands

I ran with Xena to my mother's house to visit with Stella who is leaving home for NY. I decided to leave Xena for a visit. I then ran to Publix, picked up some small items and ran home with a small back pack. By the time I was heading home it was dark and the cars all were using their headlights. It made it more adventurous for sure. It also was cooler after sunset. I was listening to a variety of music including George Dalaras religious cd of liturgical music. It was Holy Week but as I see it every day is Pascha.Christos Anesti. I am relieved to have gotten the run in afterall. I thought about making a crusade out of these brief outtings. Where would I without them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JN1034 off line

My computer space bar was disabled by my toddler so I naturally absconded my son's. My husband is getting ready for an icon exhibit. I haven't been able to run which is starting to upset me. Last week I only ran long runs. This week again and it doesn't look like I'll be running on sat. I could use a break as my knee has been aching. Still I would rather be running. If it would cool off a bit I could take Mia out for a run but not until then. Karate is winding up in full swing and the kids are psyched about competing nationally. I did it once and it was a trip. Time will tell. Anyway I just wanted to touch base with all (three) of my readers. I would be remiss in not mentioning that JN1034 has shut down their new site until November and then viewing will be on an invite only basis. This is unfortunate as I found their perspective to widen the scope of what is. They broadened the dialogue and were a much needed change from the mediocrity put forth by such blogs as Byzantine Texas who doesn't seem to know what he is.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Icon Exhibit Currently Featuring Elias Damianakis
Enjoy the audio clip. Then go to homepage for video!!!

Suspect Claims Patriarch an Assassination Target

Ok the following report from Anakara has set the record straight for me. Islam is a peaceful religion. It encourages religious tolerance and basic human rights for all. Infidel doesn't appear anyway in their understanding of those 'not of the Book'

Τurkish drug suspect claims Patriarch an assassination target

ANKARA (ANA-MPA/A. Abatzis) - An alleged member of a drug trafficking ring recently arrested by Turkish police in Istanbul reportedly claimed during his testimony that "if I had not been arrested, I would have assassinated Patriarch Bartholomew (Vartholomeos)."

Police raided a house in the region of Ümraniye, on the Asia Minor side of the Bosporus metropolis, where it arrested 16 people.
The suspect, identified only by his initials, was quoted as claiming that the Ecumenical Patriarch's assassination was because "he (Bartholomew) is hostile towards Muslims."
The arrests reportedly led to a resolution of several pending cases, including the blackmailing of a Turkish businessman.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Excited about Running

It is days like today when I realize just how much I enjoy running. How I have incorperated my run into my life and my life into my run. Putting aside number crunching and deadlines the scorecard thrown into the virtual trash bin I am liberated and free to engage the process. Without artificial markers running can be an experience which is pure. The mind body and soul are freed to exchange energy flowing freely unincumbered by intrusive or obsessive thoughts, while the body is called into submission and given the task of  breaking free from laziness; retaining the attention of each aspect of the self as the soul is free to well spin. It vassilates and spins on an axis of sorts. The three parts or wholes of myself sphere-like entities unconfused yet united create the most wonderful space. The mind must remain focused on the body being drawn inward to the place of the heart while the body given its labor responds with strength and endures the discomfort. The mind endures the need to remain present while the soul is freed having the attention and affections of the mind and body. I would greatly appreciate the input of those more articulate to describe the experience.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Run Like the Billowing Wind

Today was a mixed bag for my run. I ran alone and in the dark for the first four miles and I was unusually paranoid or self aware. There was less traffic as people are participating in races. I heard wild bore snorting and saw one spider but that was all. My ipod had a corrupt file which stopped working at mile four. I enjoyed the thirteen and my legs were very strong. I still took time to enjoy and not suffer. There was a 5k race going on which I didn't know and I hopped in for the last mile of my run passing people along the way.  I remember why I love and hate races. I realize what makes me drawn to running longer distances is that I can endure.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Courage to Step Out

I have been working on organizing my consulting business and having to 'sell my wares'. There are times I find myself caught on polar extremes between thinking I'm on the brink of genius or am completely lost in my own conceit. Of course reality is in the center right beside mediocrity. The hardest part of working in a field where I am the consultant, the guide, the advisor I should know where I'm headed. I know quite well what I'm doing with regard to the process and the work but sometimes I wonder if I have lost touch with the promotional piece the get out and pitch. My husband and I watched a movie last night and no I can't remember the name and I didn't see the ending yet but there were several important issues in the movie it explored a life's work and doing what we believe. I maintain that I believe what I am setting out to do I understand the work and it what comes naturally to me. Enough said. Tomorrow long run and I took the whole week off. This week training will officially begin. I wish the heat would go bye bye for a bit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thanks for Checking In

Many thanks to all of you who check back day after day. I have been preoccupied with my consulting business. Believing for prosperity and fulfullment. I haven't run in three days and today it will be 93 degrees with 75% humidity. So there goes the cold front.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Skiddles to the Rescue

Today's morning run was glorious. I ran the first four with two women who are getting ready for their first marathon next weekend. I can remember being one week from my first 26.2 and it is exciting and a bit unerving as you convince yourself inspite of self doubt that success is waiting a week away. I realized as I was heading to the run that I run because I am a believer. I run for the pleasure and joy of it I still have no race in mind and aside from a long term goal of running an ultramarathon one day I am in no rush to register for anything. I will probably run the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day which is my least favorite race but I know Theophani and Stavro will both want to do it. It is a default run. Disney's Marathon may prove to be another default. If I up my mileage in November then I'm pretty much trained. I enjoy running the thirteen out and back on my own. I can appreciate all that is happening around me and in my life and put worries to rest. I didn't have anymore jells so I used skiddles instead. I enjoyed them more!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

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