Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run Before the Storm

Church was lovely today. The gospel reading about the paralytic and the pool was particularly enlightening as we are to answer our Lord directly. We shouldn't ramble about our difficulties (no more blogging???), decide if we want healing and not question why some are healed and others not. We cannot force the hand of God we cannot compel Him to act. We can only be ready and found seeking. Ran the short home loop with Xena just before the downpour. The air was cool but cloaked or rather smothered by the 1,000% humidity it was of little benefit. I am growing impatient with people who walk dogs they can't control. It appears at times that the dogs have more sense then their owners. No surprise there. I have gained some weight which happens as fat is converted to muscles then I'll be sure to rapidly drop my extra seven pounds! Way too much information. My yard look tended to and we had a great time by the pool for a few hours. Remember the good times are now enjoy them and give thanks to God for all things. "This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it".

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sometimes Alone is Better

Just as the running can't be forced neither can company. I think I am better left alone to run; to get the crazies out. I did not expend much energy on getting back up to speed. My run was not at all consumed with running. I have decided to train differently. I will measure the course of my run in minutes not miles. I will get creative about my route and start to enjoy the scenery. Of course where I run is flat but there are subtle changes to be appreciated. I could break out the garmin but that would defeat running out of the proverbial box.There of course will be the out and back which I enjoy and which is practical at times but not knowing min/mile pace is liberating removing all judgment and creating a more personal subjective measure of success. I'll wing it for a while.

Run Fani run!!! Hurry up! Let'sGo! Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This evening i took Euphemia, Theophani and Xena out for a quick run before we picked up our pizza and met Elias and Stavro-nikitas back home for 'movie night'. To say the least Theophani prefer not to run with the el'dictator, her mom (me), commonly referred to as Tank the Shredder Evans [not complimentary]. Still she ran will run and will learn to love it....or will learn to suck it up. Mia kept saying "oh no! Zee Zee (Xena)... Gigi (theophani) gone"!!! You would think Theophani would run faster just so she doesn't have to watch  me running from the rear.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Controversial YES. Bold YES. Enlightened YES.
This voice of anonymous elders who proclaim their Orthodoxy, allegiance to the Ecumenical Throne and unyieldingly support all who suffer silently; have always helped me to destigmatize and love. I still am unable currently to discard my prejudice but I am being refashioned, reformed and perfected. I find that judgement or more precisely condemnation is ugly and proves only how far I am from the mark, from my Chrismation. I don't embrace sin or the illicit but I can embrace and call to my prayers those who have no one to love them; those who settle for physical relations lacking intimacy; for a those who suffer in isolation captives in their own minds. Jn1034's counsel public and private has always been good medicine. The gift of language exceeds my expectation time and again. Though their public and open support of the disenfranchised, the powerless and outcast is at times provocative they press on. They are there fighting the good fight for the lost, the cold and the needy. Only when  having defenders during warfare can we take rest in peace. Christ is risen and much gratitude!!!

Running Par Excellence

(Euphemia sleeping but not in her ironman)
Keeping it real and old school as soon as the sunset I hit the road for a quick, relaxed run with Euphemia. I haven't run with her in the ironman stroller in months and it was a new adventure on a familiar road. She was sleeping by the end and I am beginning again to be the run. Running is simple when we don't complicate the process. Moving enough to breath and grow without beating the fun out of it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

glorious overcast overcoming

I opted to run after 7pm today because of the obvious heat. I ran during the sunset which was understated because the sky was overcast. For a while I could see the sun trying to pierce the evening skyline with no success. The evening had a wonderful cool breeze. Xena was a great companion and running mascot. Her behavior was excellent and I have rigged the leash to wrap around my shoulder and waist so my gait is unimpeded but she is well guided and safely controlled. I'm hoping this tethering will fine tune her trail running which hit a major rode block last season when she ran off to chase something wild a deer or armadillo I'm not sure. Stavro encouraged Xena to chase squirrels which quickly translated to cats. I've spent many runs undoing this bad habit and because of it she is leashed even on trails so sad. Anyway today was a strong and consistent five mile run. It was the best I could hope for: great weather, great company, great gait. The only weakness was 3/4 of  the way through the run I grew anxious about finishing up. I forced my patience and my joy quickly returned. Once I committed to the process about 4/10ths of a mile in and then again at 9/10ths I was flowing along effortlessly.

Monday, April 19, 2010

a holy man and trying to run the good race

Today was the best run in this beginning phase. I am relearning pace and recovery while still moving. I would be remiss in not mentioning the glorious shade and the wind which moved through. I ran to music which I listened to at infinitum when I was preparing for brain surgery (MRI's) contemplation. mastering the art of running is about more then hitting the pavement. it definitely gets my attention, the pavement that is...I have to respect the mile even just one. every marathon begins with the first mile. I would also like to take the time to acknowledge the team of people my family for instance who have to reschedule their plans to meet my whim. sometimes the greatest obstacles are the result of resistance of those who are inconvenienced by the time and effort training requires. It really does take a team even for an individual sport like running and even for a mediocre athlete like myself . By design and character I am one of the most unlikely person to be participating in the gold standard for endurance and excellence. Actually my only competition are the voices blaring in my head telling me how ridiculous my athletic prowess is and how it's no excuse. Success is measured by effort not accolades or winning. Humbly without personal pride I rely on the generosity of fellow athletes, by standers, my readership and family to get me through. Just as  being a good Christian takes the church community to break the isolation and provide encouragement.

i can't believe i forgot the weather

i can't believe i forgot the weather!!! this is a post script to yesterday's entry and a hopeful precursor to today's. the weather has been  a real impetus for the runs. the heat has been overbearing in the direct sunlight however yesterday was overcast, spraying cool rain droplets and occasionally a light breeze would welcome me along. Today though in the 80's, breezy and partly cloudy. I want to take complete advantage of this weather which will soon be forgotten, burned beneath the Florida sun. Soon I'll be confined to my treadmill and nighttime runs. they all offer something qualitative but knowing these cloudy days are limited makes be not want to waste one run. Beginning again makes be relearn humbleness and taking nothing for granted. I am remember how running hardens the body the mind and my resolve. When you run very few things are of significance or should i say pose impetiments or obstructions.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

AADD christian programming and week one behind me

Logged another run. Running almost daily. The runs shorter then my attention span which is very limited. I may actually have Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder. Anyway these short tiny weeny runs won't get me to marathon day but they established a good first week. I am building up my core which is severely weakened and working off my ever expanding girth. I remain hopeful and steadfast awaiting my breakthrough. Today I was flipping through channels as I passed through christian programming and I realized the whole case for the pentecostal revival movement and redemptive edge is founded on condemning the actual framework for salvation: the Church, ritual or any semblance of religion. Let's all be spontaneous and speak in unknown tongues (gibberish) thereby proving we are going to be swept away during the rapture. Diabolical garbage.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Greetings Christ is Risen

Fellow bloggers, avid readers and  runners, spectators, visitors and you. Despite the no show of blog entries, which are more the result of computer keyboard issues then lack of interest, I have run twice since my last post. The one day I planned to run and didn't was tax day which is noteworthy only because I perceived the longing of the run. This is the most notable change. I have reincorporated running into my identity. It was scary for a while teetering between runner and slacker. I am glad to have this surety back in my life. It shapes my little world view and the way I celebrate, contemplate and center my daily living. It gives the foreground or backdrop for the events and circumstance of the day.
Right now is probably the most difficult part of training...the beginning. This is where insecurity rears its ugly head; self-conscious running is distracting and detracts from the essentials of good running. The trinity of the runner: the mind and body are 'run' into the soul. If I worry about outward appearance then the mind has escaped. The heat is compounding the issues with reconditioning but I will not be deterred. The marathon in Greece 2010 is still on he table but it is more likely that I'll simply pick up a more local race.
Once I get back my lost fitness I'll have to start to build races (half marathons) into my training as they were sorely lacking during last year.Last year I ran the half's every Sat. morning for months and more when I would run to church but races are different. They enable me to focus on gait, pace and technique. Leisurely running half marathons alone gave me joy but encouraged poor form and casualness to a fault. It seems silly to travel over 13 miles and be lazy. Also don't snicker but cycling will get put on my training map for cross training which I never do. Besides my Fuji has been waiting years (literally) for a spin.
When I train there is a clarity that occurs. It emboldens be to work harder and through one commitment be more willing and dutiful in the rest of my life.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Turkish Premier Erdogan: There Is No Islamic Terrorism

Turkish Premier Erdogan: There Is No Islamic Terrorism

by Infidelesto on April 13, 2010 · Comments

Doubling down on his statement last year when he said “There is no Moderate Islam“.
Baku – APA. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that there was no Islamic terrorism, APA reports quoting web-page. Erdogan attended opening of Ali Vural Ak Global Islam Studies Center established at the George Mason University in Washington, D.C. and deliver a speech on "the Alliance of Civilizations as Vision of Global Peace".
"Islam and terrorism cannot be mentioned together, because they are contradictory to each other," he said.
Islam says that if a person kills another, it would meant that he/she killed all humanity, Erdogan said.
"I attach a great importance to this center established under the roof of George Mason University. This center will be a significant one with respect to politics, geographical perspective and historical vision," he said.
Today’s world has been facing several global threats and nuclear issues would be discussed in the summit to be held in Washington, D.C, he said.

Morocco: “Christian proselitism is terrorism”

Morocco: “Christian proselitism is terrorism”, ulemas say

by Claudia on April 13, 2010 · Comments
7,000 Moroccan ulemas (Islamic scholars) rejected in a common message the Christian proselitism in their country and considered it even like a “moral rape” and “religious terrorism” that “tries to divert Moroccan children from their faith”.
The collective text released this weekend is the last episode of the campaign by the authorities in Rabat against foreign Christians who settled in Morocco accusing them of proselytizing and trying to shake the faith of Muslims, a crime in the code Moroccan criminal.
Throughout the month of March about 70 Christians have been forced to flee the country, as calculated by the different churches, but the Moroccan Interior Ministry acknowledged only the expulsion of 16 who ran a small orphanage in Leuh Ain, in the Atlas Mountains .
The Christian victims of the decision of the Interior are all Protestants except a Franciscan who lived in Larache. It is the first Catholic ever expelled from northern Morocco, as the Archbishop of Tanger which also denies that would make proselytism. Attending to the small community of foreign Catholics in that city.
The message of the ulema expressed “full support and great pride” of those who subscribe to “the relevant historic decisions taken by the government to abort the plan hypocritical for a group of Christian proselytizing.” His performance with the children, he continues, is “a moral violation, a form of religious terrorism and is equivalent to the abduction of innocent children.”
“These tough decisions,” the statement concluded, “reassured about the future of the national faith protected by Divine Providence that watches and on His Majesty Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, as defender of the faith (…)” . The text of the scholars of Islam was spread by its highest hierarchical body, the Supreme Ulema Council chaired by the monarch.
The Archbishops of Rabat and Tangiers, the apostolic nuncio in Rabat and the official representative of Protestant churches in Morocco have demanded an explanation to the authorities on the wave of expulsions, but so far not been obtained. Some Moroccan converts to Christianity have been the victims in March, as they say, of police harassment.
At least two governments, the U.S. and the Netherlands, have criticized the measures taken by the Moroccan authorities, but not the Spanish that is currently chairing the European Union. The bulk of the expulsions were carried, however, held during the first weekend in March that was held in Granada the first summit between Morocco and the EU supported by Spain.
So, Zapatero didn’t critizise Morocco because they were negotiating the “united economic space”. Hasn’t he sooo marvellous a relationship with Moroccan King? Weren’t this Govt staunch defenders of Human Rights?
Oh, wait, the expelled ones were Christians…

Monday, April 12, 2010

90euros, a ticket (proty thesi) and training to marathon

ok today was a hot sweaty lagging run. it was about as bad as my poor adding yesterday. there is not 101 days until marathon. its more like 184. even this could be wrong. i am typing on a busted computer with my arthritic hands. this entry hurts perhaps more then the run and as much as reading it (accept my sincere apology). today was a short home loop which droned my head was throbbing. ironically when i arrived home the baby had been pitching a fit for most of the time.

elgreca's road to the phanar district through marathon

Countdown to Marathon in Greece! Yesterday was my first training run. Re-establishing running base, building on spiritual ideals moving ahead. I'm even sporting red for my hair. Game face is on!!! The only way to get to marathon is to run. Sponors will come as I get the word out and document this 101 day journey back 2500 years! Many things have changed for example now women run and Greeks are Christians! The challenge of the marathon still the gold standard for success. Looking for my wreath this year and in the age to come (remember me in Thy Kingdom).