Monday, April 19, 2010

i can't believe i forgot the weather

i can't believe i forgot the weather!!! this is a post script to yesterday's entry and a hopeful precursor to today's. the weather has been  a real impetus for the runs. the heat has been overbearing in the direct sunlight however yesterday was overcast, spraying cool rain droplets and occasionally a light breeze would welcome me along. Today though in the 80's, breezy and partly cloudy. I want to take complete advantage of this weather which will soon be forgotten, burned beneath the Florida sun. Soon I'll be confined to my treadmill and nighttime runs. they all offer something qualitative but knowing these cloudy days are limited makes be not want to waste one run. Beginning again makes be relearn humbleness and taking nothing for granted. I am remember how running hardens the body the mind and my resolve. When you run very few things are of significance or should i say pose impetiments or obstructions.

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