Tuesday, April 20, 2010

glorious overcast overcoming

I opted to run after 7pm today because of the obvious heat. I ran during the sunset which was understated because the sky was overcast. For a while I could see the sun trying to pierce the evening skyline with no success. The evening had a wonderful cool breeze. Xena was a great companion and running mascot. Her behavior was excellent and I have rigged the leash to wrap around my shoulder and waist so my gait is unimpeded but she is well guided and safely controlled. I'm hoping this tethering will fine tune her trail running which hit a major rode block last season when she ran off to chase something wild a deer or armadillo I'm not sure. Stavro encouraged Xena to chase squirrels which quickly translated to cats. I've spent many runs undoing this bad habit and because of it she is leashed even on trails so sad. Anyway today was a strong and consistent five mile run. It was the best I could hope for: great weather, great company, great gait. The only weakness was 3/4 of  the way through the run I grew anxious about finishing up. I forced my patience and my joy quickly returned. Once I committed to the process about 4/10ths of a mile in and then again at 9/10ths I was flowing along effortlessly.

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