Sunday, November 30, 2008

20 miler pacer for marathon

gearing up for Christmas and the marathon. trying to remember what year this photo is from. no clue. but i was another great long run. i thought a lot about the ultra marathon that i am contemplating in February. i have to do some more research on the race, the course and the demands. back to today... it was a blustery day and it was a nice compliment to the mild weather. i figured at about mile 14 that this would be the best indicator on how i will do marathon day so i picked up the pace a little. my pace was 9.26 and it was very comfortable and steady. during race day i believe that my pace will be much improved by 15 seconds per mile on average. the thrill of the day and the excitement will definitely change it from a leisurely run to wanting to be more competative. at today's pace i will not break four hours but i believe that i can do it race day. i missed finishing with the girls. i waited a while and then had to get home for the baby and the kids. we missed church :( stavro is not happy with me as he sees church as a top priority. i have to see what mileage is next week and i may run it on Saturday so he doesn't miss two weeks in a row. as a side note i really like these new sneakers brooks ghost. they have a different fit and my foot hurt some but is much improved.

Friday, November 28, 2008


what a great easy run. a 9.26 pace while pushing the baby and watching stavro on his bike. what made this run so good was the darkness and cool night air. i didn't have all the visual cues to get me to speed up or slow down. i just ran. i ran the way my son rode his bike relaxed, laid back and excited to be playing; based purely on how it felt. mia has learned to chill and enjoy the ride. she checks everything out especially her brother who wore a yellow reflective vest. it was about the activity and the connection between my children and me. it was magical without all the hassel and stress that too often comes with training. the christmas lights are already up on some of the homes and the run was relaxed and conversational. it was just under three the home loop. it was the best one with he kids. it was adventurous. F-U-N!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

turkey trot (3:40.57 marathon pace)

i hated everything about this run except my PR of 52.28. my ipod was dead, my shirts had to be changed around during the race, i couldn't find the mile markers and of course my watch didn't work. i must have pushed the wrong button. i didn't have any point in the race that felt good except the very end when i hit the padding at the finish and saw my time. i even thought about quitting running period. when i saw my time i realized it was work especially with those hills at the beginning before i warmed up and the one toward the end. glad its over. Happy Thanksgiving!! I train for endurance running not speed racer.

stroller, stavro and sidewalks

yesterday's run:
i ran with mia and stavro just to take the pressure of time or gait off the table. i just need to get miles in little by little. it was a nice cool run for the kids.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

racing: running's ruin

(i am editing this post because as you will read it felt really hard. i just did the math and the time is below race pace. i feel better but should it matter?!!)
i finally got new sneakers!!! brooks ghost. i like them there is adrenalin if these are not enough support. it was good run in a new shoe a better shoe. my metatarsals got a little numb but i think my laces were too tight.
now on to today's topic. i felt well enough to get a short run in and i like planning to run five days a week especially because i don't cross train. i ran hard, rather it felt hard and overly focused and stressful. i thought about everyone's gait but my own. i like to run because it's playful it's time for me and for my friends old and new. i get to be a kid again breathing deeply and feeling younger; not middle aged. but when i push myself trying to get faster, i get ahead of myself and then i'm not enjoying it anymore. i am terrible on short distances and have forgotten that i am a distance runner the further the better i do. now i know why i haven't done a turkey trot in 3 years. i have to be respectful of my run, my path, my way. my way is the one of a path, less traveled and with a lot more weeds.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

hips, toes and calves ...oh my!

i was a little pensive about today's run because of my increasing injury prone body. i had discomfort the last mile in my hip so i backed off which is totally counter intuitive for me. that and everyone else took off making me feel much slower. what doesn't kills us makes us stronger. i need new shoes for sure. all of them are totally broken down and they are breaking me down. all in all it was good to know that i could not only get thru the run which was critical but that it would continue to be totally enjoyable. it was a bear getting to church on time and i think the priest spoke about tardiness all for my benefit i think the girls might agree with him as i ran late today. sorry y'all. ok see you all at the turkey trot? let me know keep in touch!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

dead end

i decided i'd run an easy 3-5 which ended up being three for two reasons: 1-my son road his bike along side of me and keeping track of him and the traffic lights was too complicated. that and he wanted to chat the entire time (God bless him) and 2- i began running with a limp. that's right a limb; the side of my right leg just below my knee had problems. my right foot between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals numb and then pain. i can tolerate both these discomforts so long as they don't get worse. i ran in my nikes because my brooks are shot i might as well run barefoot on granite. i am slightly worried especially now that i am getting excited about race day. i am trying to build momentum into my training and remember what i enjoyed so much. my eating habits are getting a complete overhaul as i have found out that i am low on zinc and phosphorous and magnesium and probably iron. since i have modified or radicalized my eating my skin is doing much better. yes i still have a zit the size of Jupiter on my face but that will go away as my dry chapped face is clearing up. God i used to have adorable feet (where did they go?)! my mood is elevated despite the physical set backs and i wish i could get to a running shop grab a pair of brooks and some jell packs. i have only two left and i need to get gas and Gatorade before tomorrows run otherwise i'll have to wake up as if the run were at six. yadi da da.

Friday, November 21, 2008

finally 6 miles and the fourth photo blog game

i am revamping my nutritional approach to living and running. more whole grains and tofu less lamb. i was glad to get my run out of the way today. it was a beautiful time at 4pm with all the school buses and traffic. my primary focus is to retrain by brain to understand that slow and steady should still be challenging. the turn over rate is my main focus as i have been checking out everyone's form. i am working on a hybrid. see you all Sunday in case i don't run tomorrow which is tempting.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

what if EVERYONE else is right?

i hadn't thought of that. i can't get geared for the treadmill at night and can't manage to get out of the house. my hip problem turning into a foot issue and with 16 on Sunday with a build up from here i can't afford to sweat it. i have never been too mechanical in my training. just run move get moving and for me this has proven difficult. what if speed drills and tempo runs and negative splits and lactate thresholds and vo2 and easy days with cross training is the way to go? then i'm screwed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it's done!!!!!

sometimes running just sucks. sometimes it is too hard. i feel less then stealth; talk about bloat. i am waterlogged and sluggish. Mantra: "Even good athletes have bad days. Even good runners have days when they don't want to run". Good runs may not happen. Stay on task. trust the peaks and lows. Focus on the big picture. take the time to cherrish what really matters and remember to get to the ressurection you have to go the way of the cross.

Monday, November 17, 2008

just for jenny: running is ugly

  • today is my rest day and have a real problem with my butt. the socket where my right leg meets my hip is in trouble. any suggestions?? i slept with a heating pad and have taken my anti inflammatory and ibuprofen.
  • now for jenny (and everyone else) this is active trainer thoughts for the day: Coach's Notes:Running Ugly. Even good athletes have bad days. Even good runners have days when they don't want to run. The closer it gets to race day the more pressure you may feel to make every workout a great workout. It may not happen. Stay with your program. Trust in your training. Don't worry about the quality of any particular workout. Focus on the quality of the days and weeks and months that you've already put in.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

booty call

the favorite part of my run was heading out from the park to the suncoast (north) a doe ran past quickly followed by a buck who was in hot pursuit. his antlers were at least 18 inches. i saw many deer but never a buck before. the birds would fly and land just in front of our path and then fly ahead. talk about a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. reminded constantly of our Lord who is more then wonderful and who is the grand creator. the entire run was great except for the last mile where i torqued by hip joint and right now i'm have a heating pad on my rump. i am so glad that the run was effortless and how relaxed i felt. i had no stress or anything negativity on this run save the last half or so. i realize that the marathon will be as successful as i make it. i can run competitively. the last few long runs have been effortless and joyful entertaining and blissful if i want more from the time i have to work. i enjoy having the girls to run with. they make my time more enjoyable and have added something special to this process.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

photos are where its at...except today

i realized some readers never visit the actual blog page but view the post with another website. a picture says a thousand words and my pictures are more often then not, the most interesting part. i can definitively assert that you will get to know me better, off the mile, by viewing the unabridged edition of my blog (the one with the photos). moving right i ran with the cross country team. it was a six miler and i kept the time to 9.07 per mile. the great part is that aside from some lingering aches and twinges from Sunday it was comfortable. my cardio was not taxed. i can't say that i enjoyed the run but i did relish not worrying about time or distance and just doing it. it is my pace, stride and gait. it is what is unique time as a runner and not me as compared with other runners. i think that this is important to emphasize good running good training can be hijacked by the very people we turn to for their moral support and encouragement and running buddy time. when i start comparing myself to other and even some of you then i lose a pieces of the magic of running. I could have talked through the run so i am hopeful about a sub 4 hour marathon. i am still not discussing qualifying for Boston. i just think it would be insane to feel bad about running 26.2 miles. i will run my best race i am more prepared then last time and have more life experience to push me. it has been nice not to have the miles looming like the mob or the gadets monitoring my time like the gestapo. race day, is really everytime we run, on all the days. race day is made possible by running through thr ruts and loniless, when no one is watching ,when nobody cares, and even when people find it inconvenient. runners are made on the run, all the runs even the one's we dread. it is how character is determined its how you behave when no one is watching. "let thy word be a light unto my path".

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

gathering momentum slowly

I bought some new running clothes yesterday, some very loud running clothes. All in an effort to help me to look 'fine' and more importantly to feel fine when i run. that was all for nothing because today i ran on my treadmill with a mirror to the side and front and center. I jiggled all over the place and my face loosely fits my skull. suffice it to say that things are not as beautiful in living color. I have to put my ego mania aside especially now that my inferiority complex is in high gear, and remember that beauty comes from within. oh no i'm screwed. a day late and a dollar short. i was able to get 3.515 in today and the searing in my lungs was enough to make me forget at least for a while about the fact that i don't think me feet were the only parts of me hitting the ground. on a serious note i am soooo glad its over i don't have to run for 9.5 hours and then i'm off with the cross country team for 6miles. i am learning when to listen to my body and when to tell it to shut up and take a number. God bless us everyone.

Monday, November 10, 2008

snap crackle pop and brain surgery?!!

ok ok things are not this bad. but it got your attention.

muscle fiber generally a quiet type of body part. less known for its intrusive sounds unlike other more noisy parts.
well not anymore. just curious... are muscles suppose to sound like the percussion section of the middle school band??? mine do. remember the candy "rocket something" that would pop in your mouth? there was a rumor that a kid died ingesting them (but i digress). they were sort of a cross between tasty Mexican jumping beans and Chiclets gum? (did you also know that chicle is how you pronounce gum in Greek ). Ok i think i just dated myself and you are all too young to remember any of this anyway try and stay with me... back on point... if you do know what i was referring to and have bothered to try and follow my loose associations my legs are crackling like old kindling. when they are not doing a fine impression of rubber bands.

a house with the second floor not so great right now.

oh yeah last thing, considering i'm quite the glutton, i'll be at cross country practice wed. morning :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

first twenty of the season

the weather couldn't have been more cooperative. i on the other hand had to stop twice to make number one. the second have of the run was much better as it usually is. i finished the last 4ish miles stronger. i always have a sense that i need to spend it on the road and i do. i haven't figured out yet if it is economical as i never really come in more then 15 sec or ahead of the girls. in fact last week i may have been overtaken. i took the splits from kathryn because i'm needy and ill prepared. i didn't fret about this run and surprisingly nothing really hurt. my cardio was in great shape and if my legs could tolerate it; if my form didn't suffer; if i didn't look like i had occupational therapy as a child (i didn't); then i could run stronger and faster. the breakdown in form tells me a lot. of course when you are running, and your legs don't move much, it's not about pushing through pain; its about an inability for them to comply. i hope that these runs push back my lactate threshold. and for me there are no ice baths not cold anything. i look forward to a nice hot shower. i got home and took the kids to church and then took a nap with the baby. thanks to everyone who lets me tag along for the runs. training with each of you brings something special to my training which extends beyond running. i still have reservations about only running 7 next week. i was thinking more like 14.

Friday, November 7, 2008

runner's block no more

the run i have been putting off turned out to be great. i finally found my pace and gait. my rhythm was superb after the first mile. i simply told myself to deal with it and i just flew. i opened up my legs and let them carry me across the pavement past the street lights. i felt the cool breeze and watched the sun set. i don't want to over emphasize the environment because this run was really about what happened on the inside. i know that runner high is not provable or quantifiable beyond self report but i can definitively state that running definately improves my mood.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

committments only please

running is a commitment to a better life. a healthier more fulfilling life. it's no guarantee but it affords me more control, to manage my stress and waistline. it gives me time to do challenging things consistently and to have a workplace for my ideas and concerns. it's my time for personal reflection and this is good. it's not always easy, usually it's not. i can even approach it with a a generalized ambivalence. However it is the one activity which regularly provides opportunity for being in the greater, broader, presence of God's creation; in the place of self appreciation and awareness with the communion of mind body and spirit. The exchange and interplay between my mind and body the presence of my spirit/soul as good steward is that transcental moments. It's one sacred space for praise and presence. Worship is reserved for church. It provides the time which gets stretched somehow to accommodate all my thoughts and feelings and beliefs and which connects all my parts. The flow, that timing, that sense of acceptance and understanding it can be understood in terms of being driven by a difficult task to a higher purpose to contemplate the supernatural the mundane and with the need to press onward. It is very personal and not easily explained to non-doers.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

dead legs

i can't believe the fatigue in my legs the last mile and a half. they got heavier and heavier. it moved up my legs. i kept thinking the wall is only as big as i think it is. i kept thinking the only shame would be not to move through it not to wait for my body to adapt. i suppose the buzz from this weekend is over and i might feel just a little trapped by my ambition. i have to consider my gait and think smooth and fluid. there were many lessons on the mile today. even though there was the wave of fatigue and resistance it washed past it didn't stop me. giving up is not one of the options moving forward is the only choice. the point is in the not minding and not fearing the difficulty or heaviness. i am strong and resilient and if all the runs were easy then there would be no lesson; just a hedonistic fest.

Monday, November 3, 2008

18 and optimistic

i wish i had time to blog yesterday. i was feeling really good after yesterday's run. of course i felt nauseated and slept for an hour. after that i felt great. i had a wedding to get to and i felt a sense of accomplishment throughout the evening. i was kind of glad that both events were behind me. now i have a little time to exhale. no thoughts about a run today because today is my only official off day. i am amazed with how much of running is subjective. it's usually how we are feeling about the run and not the run itself. yesterday took effort for a longer time than my previous run and yet it was smooth and controlled. i understood what to do and did it. i am tabling the boston issue until the day of the marathon. i don't want to do all these great things and end up feeling badly. if i qualify, which is not likely, but is possible, then i'll be exhilarated. in any case i want to celebrate the event without disappointment and with bragging (humbly) rights that come with training. remember life is a road race; run the good race faithfully.