Wednesday, December 31, 2008

think think think and of course dress well

this was my best run in a long time. i ran alone and just wanted to open up my legs a little bit. the good news is that i didn't hurt anywhere and my legs never got tired. it is a determination factor. if i ran this pace for the marathon i would qualify for boston with over a minute and a half to spare (8.43). of course i don't think i am fit enough to maintain that pace for the full marathon so i will run my best without torturing myself. a 9.09 min mile and i will clear the four hour marker. i think that is reasonable and respectable. it will shave off 32 min from my last marathon. easing off the mileage this past week certainly has helped my preformance. i shouldn't be surprised as rest and recovery are the flip side of working hard. i have been thinking about color schemes for the race. today i tried a new sports bra but i think i need the smaller size. it was comfortable and didn't bother me once i stopped thinking about it. am i a girl or what!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mia, Mommy and Mileage

I took mia out for the local loop. i have been incorporating this short run into the core of my training because it keeps me moving without putting too much strain on my right leg. pushing the stroller helps to increase the intensity. i had no ipod no watch just me and the kid with the setting sun. pretty soon all the Christmas lights will be down so i tried to appreciate them. the marathon is coming up and i'm so glad that my legs are feeling stronger and by that i mean less strained. i know now that if i take it easy on my legs then i'll be healthy enough to complete the marathon respectfully. i am no longer chasing times as it's not my style. time is a kind of benchmark for sure but its not the final determination of success or failure. for all the worry and preoccupation many competitors have, i don't think they fair any better then i do and i judge the run based on how i felt. it's true if i feel horrible and the time is good then i know how hard i was working but secretly i would prefer to enjoy the run and have more breathing room with the minutes.

Sunday at Starkey with Carin

this was a unique run for several reasons. first and least of all i don't know how far we really went and i cut the run from 12 to about 8 to allow my body to heal. lastly and more importantly it was the first time that Carin and i ran together and by together i mean alone. for several months we had begun the long runs together and then she would turn back with Cherise while Kathryn and Jenny and i continued. because the early part of the long runs were always in a group i never really got to know carin. i would just listen and jump in every now and then but usually i would listen or zone out. I am the late comer to the group and very often do not know the people or activities they reference. well talk about a diamond in the ruff. i learned more about her life and what drives her for the first time i got to know some of the person. so the lesson here is simple take the time to get to know the individuals around you. they will surprise you with their knowledge and perspective. carin is helping me embark on my new adventure of tri's!!! i hope i can return the favor.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas lull

this was the slowest run of the training. i felt sluggish and lacked coordination. i will need to get at least another run in before Sunday. merry Christmas to everyone. may the blessings of the Christ Child our Lord and Savior be with you all.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

and then there were twenty no more

today was the last 20 for this training. i was the first one at the park which is unusual. actually it only happened once before, the first time i ran with the girls. the run itself was uneventful except for three deer the last three miles and the card playing. that's right jenny and kathryn played cards. i just run. cherise you should have stuck around. jenny i can't wait to see the photos (yes, there were pictures too). my legs are pretty fatigued right now i think it's because i went home showered and then laid down instead of going to church. movement would have made me less stiff i think. anyway the holidays are right around the corner and tomorrow my family is hosting a holiday party for close friends. i think lamb will be on the menu. anyway... a very merry Christmas to everyone and a healthy new year. "Where is he born king of the Jews we have seen his star and come to worship him".

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 18 rest?

i headed out at almost five pm and finished 2:45.47 hours later. my intention was 4. the thought of 8 i couldn't bear and my 6 mile course was not appealing. as it turned out i ran and ran and ran. from my home to seven springs blvd, to keystone/mcmullen, to 580 onward mease dunedin hospital to visit my father in law. i called my husband from tire kingdom, just north of landsbrook, and told him to get ready and pack the kids to go visit his dad and i'd meet them there. with no water or fuel, this was definately something i felt, in the moment, called to do. just my ipod, my prayer, my intention and determination. i have learned not to talk about what i will do but to just do.
i drank from the water fountain at tire kingdom (gross). then my husband stopped and met me twice where i drank some flavored h20 and took one dollar for a candy bar that i could pick up at mile 15. i purchased a snickers from a drive-thru convenience store ( i find that funny). i was driven to run. my father-in-law can't hardly breath or move; but i can and did, somehow for the both of us. the last three miles seemed like six; not knowing any of the distances until the return trip in the car. it was my time with God and it was all i felt i could do to really help. i hoped and believed that the effort of my running made my prayer more sincere.
inspired in part by saint christopher who before his conversion was a cannibal and a giant of a man. he carried travelers (for a price) across the river (or lake) i can't recall. then one day he carried a small child. he couldn't hardly manage the weight he felt. he didn't understand why this giant of a person (think like andrea the giant) was so weighed down and exhausted. the folk law explains then when he looked up at this small child who was heavier then any man he carried it was Jesus. (think of the apostle paul his on the way to damascus). Saint Christopher then converted to Christianity. He is traditionally depicted carrying a small Jesus. he is also depicted with the face of a dog or donkey because he was so ugly. i felt that i could at least in spirit, carry my bony butt, father in law, with me on this journey. afterall st joseph carried the Savior. the greek people call this type of prayer or commitment a "tama". see you all on sunday! what is the mileage? by the way, you all did great at your half. i can't wait for the marathon when we can all do our very best.

Monday, December 15, 2008

if you can't train be well rested

in long distance running, if you can't train, be well rested. this brings me much needed comfort. last weeks mileage was way down. the great part is that my Achilles tendinitis is non existent and my right leg is so much improved. the down time helped my body for sure. forced to take time off for non running related issues let my body heal and has given me the opprotunity to get my focus and attitude back on the run and not on the injuries. it was great running on sat night for a short tempo run that didn't start with limping or pain. today will be a run day for sure even if i have to use my treadmill. i used to love it but when the weather is seasonable ideal for running being inside is a bummer. getting back to reading the bible and listening to His word. it has been a while. being churched and well studied go hand in hand.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


running this week has been quite the challenge. the mileage went way down because of an illness in the family. i ran a temp run this evening 3.9 miles and tomorrow i will fit my long run in on the way to church. i have to get it in when i can. the half marathon is off for me. i wish the trinity girls the best. run swiftly catch the wind.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


this turned out to be a great run despite the heat. i have stayed on my course: to use these shorter runs to improve form and turnover rate. it took focus and some self talk to remember to keep the pace up and not settle into a slower pace. negative splits always a must. i limped the first 1/2 mile or so. there are less then 30 days until this next marathon. the half is on Sunday if i run it and this time gives me some new and interesting choices. i guess the question is how hard to i want to work and would i just rather enjoy the process and not worry so much about t-i-m-e.

Monday, December 8, 2008

limp limp limp

this morning turned out to be a fine run but required more focus then past runs because i wasn't sure how long we would actually be running. turning back before leaving the park and doubling back at the end changed how i broke down the mileage. of course focusing on the distance, a mile is a mile, no matter where helped. i limped through the first four miles or so. the comforting part about this run is that i am consistently running an average of 9.26 miles. why is this good? well its good because they are relaxed and enjoyable. there is not much work or strain happening on cardio or muscle fatigue. i still have to be careful of my ibitol band issue. it has snuck up and making itself known. i also need to focus on speed during shorter runs when my leg is better, to improve form and to be careful i don't settle into a shuffle pace. the deer where beautiful today. for those of you not from the area we run amongst deer, 'wild' bore, alligators, birds, snakes ( i hate them) coyotes and of course your generic raccoons, armadillos and bugs. thankfully we mostly see deer!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

enjoy relax regroup reovery

this morning i headed out wanting to continue to ride this wave of good runs. i know i am peaking in the mileage for the Disney marathon which i was feeling overwhelmed by two weeks ago. i got a hold of my intellect and just trained. this week is a 16 mile taper and then next is twenty and then taper for the race so i am benefitting psychologically and physically from the training and more importantly from my self direction. i am not committed to any one training plan i am loosely following 3. i make sure to get the long run in according to jenny's schedule and then check out the minimum from my last training log and the suggested from active trainer. i have been able to run more effortlessly and more relaxed. i have fit urnning into my life and brought my real life into the run. when i trust my intuitive running the part that puts me in touch with my body and my mind and soul then i can push, when i need to and get what i need. sometimes it's not the time or the distance, it's perception and attitude which accounts for success. i read a lot about running and religion and often times when i know what's coming my way, i can go with the flow, relax, regroup, recover and even enjoy the ride. during the turkey trot (which i hated i always hate 10ks too short for me to feel good) i was working hard to cover the distance because i ran it correctly. i couldn't pass people the last 3 miles because everyone is working at the same fitness levels where you start is generally where you end up. having that information earlier would have helped me to understand that the signals that i thought were negative, were really signs or indications that i was doing everything right: naturally. trusting in ourselves and listening to the voice of God who guides our every step will get us to the finish line every time. Running for the right reasons for physical and metal health and proper attitude helps us in the real human race: Running for the crown of incorruption.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

going off road with garmin and stavro (revised) 7.32 miles

this could have been a great relaxed playful run. i broke out the bulky garmin and just went out. i didn't worry about what route i took i just ran where i was intersted to go. i didn't even plan block to block. usually not knowing where i'm headed or how far would be a downside but not this evening. one issue though stavro is insistend to come who knew it would further and different then past runs was complaining after 3 miles it was too far or he was too tired. he bummed me out. i told him to stop complaining he was riding a bike after all. i now know 3 is really his mental max. i didn't take the baby because i didn't want to push i just wanted to run. 9.30 mile was so relaxing i was strong even though i was frustrated. stress is very draining. i could have easily run 9.15 or 9.00 without 'working'. i would have really liked to get to eight miles.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cool breezy easy

i ran with stavro and mia. it is nice and cool out. i didn't hardly break a sweat. my run started with a limp so i took it easy real easy a 10.07 pace for 3.37 miles. i build up slowly from a long run to the next to minimize additional tear down. i'm still running and running well during the long runs so i must be working for me. still considering the iron horse 50 miler for feb.