Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Committing your step

Well I met my mileage goal for this month. I did considerable reflection about my commitment to the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the force with which I make my position known. When you run a trail your stride is shortened to avoid falling. When you deepen your stride you commit. If you misstep then you crash you've over committed. If however you are too timid you diminish performance and biomechanics. When it comes to my faith and theological understanding I'm all in. I open up all my pistons and run swiftly with power and certainty. I have also been receiving considerable positive feedback regarding my recent posts on the blog and in my inbox.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Turkish dail press accounces Halki will reopen!!!

A local source just sent me this article:

Theological School in Halki will reopenДата: 29 June 2009 :: 11:28:19
“The theological school in Halki will open,” read the titles of the Turkish daily newspapers Hürriyet and Milliyet, after the announcement of the Turkish minister of culture Ertuğrul Günay in an interview for the Turkish TV Channel 24: “The past is the past. Now we need to start dealing with new things.”
“There is one technical problem. If the School will function on a university level, it will need to be integrated in our higher education system. If we open it as a technical lyceum, it will start functioning as a technical school. I do not know what is the reached stage of negotiation, when it comes to this problem but I support its opening,” said the Turkish minister of culture and tourism.
Ertuğrul Günay added that “the school used to work but it was closed because of the tension around Cyprus. But now we need to send a new message – what belongs to the past, must remain there.”
The minister noted that the opening of the School is not a political topic and currently there are some technical difficulties, which need to be resolved. “The system of the School does not “match” with the existing higher education system but we will find a solution. We are not facing a political problem. The discussions are still taking place on a technical level. What is more preferable – people working on different positions in religious Orthodox institutions in Turkey, educated in Turkey or abroad? I believe that it is better for those positions to be taken by people, who received their education in our country,” said during the interview Mr. Günay.
Mr. Günay also said that during his meeting with new Moscow Patriarch in July, who will visit Turkey, present will also be the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Conversion to Orthodox the Mindset

This is my initial response to Conversion from In Your Light We Shall See Light
The phenomena is well documented I concur. A word of caution here though...the "zeal" or more accurately the fervor with which converts defend the traditions of Orthodoxy is the same they used to defend and follow their heretical past. When an overwhelming number of leadership positions are filled by converts coming to be in the one true faith, and more important for the economy of the church, to lead it into the next generation it is worthy of a cautionary note. The conviction of their past faith or belief system was sought after with the same dedication they now user to promote Orthodoxy. I believe that a strong examination of the character type or personality type which tends to be an all or nothing having the same commitment whatever the cause. I am not talking about a Borderline Personality Disorder or any disorder in the clinical sense but it should not be easily dismissed. In the end we are all converts of course. Studies need to address the character which promotes such rigidity and later which tends to ostracize other followers. These well meaning humble converts who keep every fast very often are the first one’s to continue in their former tradition of overthrowing the ‘big church’. Not having been sufficiently purged of their “I can’t go straight to Jesus” mentality they soon reframe this to “I can practice Orthodoxy without a Mother Church. I can dismiss essential jurisdictional concerns and banish the ethnicity of those with which I am not a part.” Archbishop Kallistos Ware in his conversion was warned against joining the Greek Church because “he would never be accepted” and would have no “future” in it. IN his book he discusses how his mindset was not to lead or take over but to be a part a follower in the Orthodox Church. Likewise he denies ever having experienced resistance or discrimination for his Anglican roots. This is contrary to the experience of Peter Guilquist who arrived on the scene an already self proclaimed bishop. Perhaps pressure is applied or more correctly perceived based on the conscious or unconscious agenda of the convert. Orthodox living in a true sense is a continuous mellowing and rounding out of the person as he or she moves toward God. It is not a rigid Pharisaic adherence to stipulations and minutia.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ecumenical Patriarchate & Church Health In a Nutshell

As an Orthodox Christian , I believe Orthodoxy and thereby Orthopraxy is impossible without looking to the Ecumenical Throne for direction. With its rich history and sublime character the Phanar leads unshakeable and immovable. It's Apostolic roots date back to Andrew the First Called. Common Liturgical practices and Theological identity of Orthodox jurisdictions cannot confuse and should not usurp the jurisdictional construct of the Ecumenical See. My ultimate hope is for an awakening of Orthodox laity and clergy to set aside prideful ambition and respectfully acknowledge and support, not undermine, the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Good intentions must be paired with tempered behavior and above all obedience. The Ecumenical Patriarchate has rebuffed heresy and has survived the most brutal attacks. Its existence has been bought with a currency of the blood of the Holy Martyrs. It has produced the most prolific and refined teachings of Orthodoxy available making not only an indelible mark on the Faith but in actuality the Faith cannot be separated from it. The Phanar remains a beacon for all Christendom. The spiritual economy of the Church without its leadership would be mortally wounded.

Friday, June 26, 2009

can't squeeze patience into a time slot

Today's treadmill run was not as magical as the last few days. My time for running though not officially set in stone was thrown way off today with family business. I could have just let the run go and not do it but I wanted to beat my monthly mileage so I pushed to fit it in. The major problem is that running teaches patience and it can't be rushed. You can't rush an hour of run time. I suppose I should have learned by now the run is better when I doesn't loom over my day. There were moments of flow and it did reach spiritual heights but there was also the dread that sometimes comes with just waiting to run the clock out. It's done now and I'm glad I did it I wish I ran smarter earlier in the day. I am only eight miles away from beating my monthly mileage goal so for sure I should smash it!!!

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams visits the Ecumenical Patriarchate

As reported by the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams visits the Ecumenical Patriarchate
"The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan D. Williams visited the Ecumenical Patriarchate for three days and had meetings with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the Committee on Inter-Christian Relations. He also visited the Theological School of Halki and attended the Divine Liturgy at the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. George"

Ecumenical Patriarch sends Delegation to Rome

http://www.zenit.org/article-26287?l=english For complete article follow link.

"Orthodox Delegation to Visit Rome

Will Attend Closing of Pauline Year

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 25, 2009 (Zenit.org).- Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I will send a delegation to Rome to celebrate the solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul with Benedict XVI, and to close the Year of St. Paul.
The visit reciprocates the habitual exchange of delegations for the respective patronal feasts in which the patriarch of Constantinople sends a delegation to Rome on June 29, the feast of Sts. Peter and St. Paul, and the Pope sends a delegation to Istanbul, Turkey, on Nov. 30, the feast of St. Andrew.In November 2006, Benedict XVI led the delegation himself, and last June Bartholomew I led the Orthodox delegation to Rome, which coincided with the opening of the Pauline Jubilee Year."

Greetings and Salutations

I want to reach out to my newest readers who hail from several distant locations, most recently Paauilo Hawaii, , Winnied Canada, Mantoba Canada, Ankara, Turkey, Istanbul Turkey, Atiki Greece, Amman Jordan. I hope not to disappoint as I try to have each entry be less about me and more about the common experience which transcends my individual experience. I am to write more than just about ‘the run’ or more then church politicking. I wish these mini expressions are not perceived as some extension of my own inclination toward narcissism. I don’t consider myself a narcissist though they make accomplished athletes for example the personality type doesn’t come with its liabilities. Anyway thank you for my returning readers and for those of you browsing the net. Visit again and visit often. Comments are always replied to and posted they are moderated only for profanity. I am looking to post on wordpress.com so that the blog can have its own electricity with readers responding to each other using my initial postings more s a springboard for their dialogue.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Running is soulful

This was another fabulous treadmill run despite the photo I chose. I'll have to get some photos of my treadmill space and runs. I didn't push or think about time or mileage but simply decided to run for an hour. Once i got to an hour I continued for about a min and a half to round off to seven miles and a cool down. Running at an 8.46 pace is very comfortable and teaches patience and appreciation for each step. The run will take as long as I determined regardless of pace. Being a mileage junkie doesn't come into play. I do want to beat last months mileage of course but because of the flu and the wasp sting it may be a close call.
I really enjoy the run when time is set as the goal and not distance because then there is no pushing. I simply put in the time and the beginning is just as exciting as the end. It enables me not to force the process and avoid injury. It teaches me to just settle into the run and not to rush to get through it. It becomes about the journey not the destination. The eventual completion is a secondary gain to the actual event:the run. Having the treadmill at home has proved to be very convenient and beneficial. I enjoy running at the Y but that requires my husband to watch the baby which interferes with his work and plans. I really try not to have running interfere with life except when preparing for a big race. I don't obsess about the run or the sport as it really is a very matter of fact part of my life.
It would be difficult to imagine how my life would look or what other areas of my life would be cultivated. As a side note, I did think a bit about karate while running today and I miss it but not enough to squeeze dojo time back into my nights or to cough up the extra money every month. If I really want to do it then I can practice my katas at home.
It is very important, imperative really, that running doesn't become some hollow secularized activity for alone time. It is integrally connected with my spiritual life and religious rule. When I am in the flow of the run it always brings me back to my relationship with God. Running meanders along the long quiet path to God where patience, effort and commitment bring forth the fruit of prayer where peace, joy and strength are commonplace. It is the long term view of living with God not the one time Pentecostal view of inoculation but rather the persistent reoccurring interplay and exchange with our Creator. The runners high or flow is the body catching up with the heart in the nous of the mind freeing up the soul to remember its Redeemer. Running is liberation from the distractions of this world and unites the body and material world with the bodiless, internal, eternal self: the soul. Running is soulful.

Met. Jonah and the Anglicans Church in N. Amer.

Below is the report as it is written on the ANCA website from their inaugural event. Please review text I have highlighted in red and bold. You may of course draw your own conclusions.

Orthodox Church Leader Rekindles Relationship with Anglicans
The leader of the Orthodox Church in North America has re-kindled the oldest ecumenical relationship in Christian history. Addressing delegates and attendees of the inaugural assembly of the Anglican Church in North America, His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, said, “I am seeking an ecumenical restoration by being here today. This is God’s call to us.” This significant gesture represents the possibility of full communion being exchanged between the churches.
Metropolitan Jonah represents the North American branch of the Orthodox Church, a Christian denomination that has a long history of strong relationships with the Anglican Church. “We have to actualize that radical experience of union in Christ with one another,” Jonah said. Speaking for 45 minutes, the Metropolitan addressed the importance of looking past our differences in order to work together for mission. “Our unity transcends our particularity,” he said.
His Beatitude’s message was focused on unity but did not fail to address areas of contrasting beliefs between the two churches. Though united in upholding the authority of the Bible and uniqueness of Jesus Christ, the Orthodox Church and Anglican Church in North America have differing opinions on matters such as the ordination of women and other doctrinal issues. Despite this, the Metropolitan told the audience that “our arms are open wide.”
Following the speech, a representative of an Orthodox seminary, St. Vladimir’s, announced a cooperative effort with Nashotah House, an orthodox Anglican seminary, that would help further these ecumenical relationships and what Jonah described as a “new dialogue between the Orthodox Church in North America and the new Anglican province in North America.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

allergic reaction and no reaction to Met. Jonah

I ended up running an easy 7 miles today. I decided to run for an hour. It was really relaxing. I also made an appointment with my physician who gave me a shot and two meds because of an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. I now have a script for an epi stick in case I get stung again. And NO i don't have a reaction to Met. Jonah's recent speech. I need to see or hear it in its entirety.

Training Principles

Don’t put off what you can do today until tomorrow.
We have all heard this cliché I’m sure. I have also heard religious twist on this from my local bishop Metropolitan Alexious who said during a church banquet “Move while the Spirit is at work with you”. I try and approach my prayer life and church attendance with this cautionary note. I don’t plan missed church services for example because I know that unplanned obstacles present themselves often enough. The church calendar provides necessary benchmarks and a map for this journey called life.
Likewise my running/training follows similar patterns. Every aspect of life should reflect one’s faith and being an Orthodox Christian should necessitate this life style or orthopraxis. I have a fluid training schedule generally speaking. When training for a marathon there are benchmarks that are kept to prevent inadequate preparation. But most weeks and months I have loose guidelines for training. I don’t worry much about speed runs, long runs or tempo runs. Splits don’t dominate the run. Speed work happens on days I don’t have a lot of time to run or when I don’t want to run more than three or four miles. I run longer runs when I feel like going it easy or need more time to reflect or focus. There is that natural ebb and flow in the workout.
Here’s the first of two rules: run when I can. If I am able then my training is to run daily. I know that stuff happens for example last week I was quite ill for four days no run. Then yesterday I was stung by a hornet and my hand is the size of a balloon it doesn’t seem like I will be able to run today. So planned rest days are not part of my training because they are inevitable. This week with the low mileage would be like the week you taper slightly to build up and rest. What should not be tolerated is an inclination toward laziness: “I don’t feel like running or I feel like going to church”.
When I ‘document my training’, (rule two) it enables me to objectively note and track my training. I can then set mileage or time goals and monitor the well known necessary training components. It gives me perspective. Why run? Why train? Because it is the most concrete way that I can practice what I reach. It suits me well I am physically fit and mentally strong. I am not a person who is ailing.
Most importantly ,it is the most efficient way for me put into practice Biblical principles because let’s be honest it is not easy to run consistently for years. It’s not like pulling teeth but it takes effort, time, commitment, perseverance, dedication, diligence and stamina. One note on stamina it’s not really the physical type that newbies or non runners may think of it’s the type that keeps you running when you want to stop. Our running the race for the crown of glory demands these qualities if we are to finish. It provides practice for the very qualities which prepare us for the war we are waging.

Monday, June 22, 2009

antiochian and oca possible merger

I have been talking for months about the possible intentions of Met. Jonah and the OCA for a power grab in the states. I have been slandered and banned from posting my concerns. I have been called mean spirited and a teller of gossip. Interestingly it is being reported on some blogs "that Metropolitan Jonah (OCA) spoke over the weekend about a "merging" of the Antiochian and OCA bodies in the US". Met. Jonah is not wasting any time suring up his base as I have said for months. He has been testing the waters for the advancement of his cause as he understands it. Past comments from the pulpit are a true window into his ideology and his apology more of a bargaining chip for more time. He has been testing the waters since his elevation. Understand that I am not personally privy to their discussion and I'm sure more will be released as time passes. The proof is in the fruit. If Met. Jonah is on the correct path he will not encourage or give comfort to any dissension among Antiochian leadership here in the states.

culture warrior

The culture of Orthodoxy-- 'Culture Warrior’

I feel for converts both lay and clergy who find themselves in the OCA. It makes a forum for authentic objectivity or reasonable thought a virtual impossibility and improbable for sure. It is the big tent mentality of progressivism where everyone is welcome to the OCA and together with a splinter group from the GOA laity they wish to do away with anything ethnic or any ties to the traditional church replacing it rather with a culture of nihilism.
It is an awkward place where words like perogy (sorry for misspelling) are whispered and baklava may even be banned. Ok I jest but there is truth to this story. When you sign up emotionally and faithfully to the one true faith in an organization which from its inception unilaterally declared its autonomy from its own mother church and continues to claim it is the only venue for the convert or new believer is a difficult place for sure. The autonomy of the OCA is hardly recognized let alone legitimate. You cannot legitimize what is counterfeit. It should find itself a more humbler more grateful community which has not been cut off as it were.
Now somehow emboldened by its cleaning up after the old guard’s debacle of misappropriation of funds which spanned decades this regime disassociates itself from such wrong doings and with new arrogance perceives itself incorrectly as anointed. The leadership and various vocal laity and clergy are drafting carefully worded speeches to right the wrongs and discount their shady past. They are claiming their 'rights' are not being addressed and they are not being ministered to. They whine incessantly about being unfairly treated. They want leadership status for a group in many ways unsanctioned leadership plagued with defiance and controversy. Rebellion the great sin hidden behind a veil of false piety. They perceive themselves as the last great hope for the indigenous peoples and all catecumens alike.
The OCA do not claim to bear any responsibility in assisting the struggling churches abroad as they attempt to take the new world for themselves. Their finger wagging serves to distract from their unsubstantiated claims. They choose rather to attack the likes of me unable to take on the true debate with more capable official advocates. This doesn't keep their leadership and splinter groups from publicly ridiculing other jurisdictions, more powerful jurisdictions, as the OCA falters between attack and apology. They attempt to publicly diffuse the situation while the other hand is drafting more rhetoric.
There well may come a time a day when there is an America Patriarch when the OCA will be invited perhaps to play a role in that process but it will not come as a result of pressure or rhetoric. It will not come from some group who decided of themselves what they can or cannot do. The clerical leadership belong to an order and obedience is rule one.
The Ecumenical Throne will not be some trophy they can claim in their quest to be legitimate. Ishmael will never have the birthright of Isaac. In the unlikely event that the church decides to establish patriarchates I petition patriarchs for Cuba, Nicaragua, Canada, Texas gets their own, and let’s give one to Cameroon and Uganda.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

free speech found here!!

I have reconsidered not blogging anymore essentially because other blogs choose to censor their readers and commentators. I would only censor or omit obscene comments. Tomorrow i will resume to explore the great race we all find ourselves in. I hope all you athletes have been training. I have been off for three days do to illness but will be back tomorrow God willing.

Monday, June 15, 2009

And then there was none. Poof.

What if the airwaves just went quiet? What is if the Internet went dark? No more words, no opinions, no discussion, no nothing. I think I will try this for at least a while. I bet there is not even a hiccup not even one iota of difference. There will be no consequence or reaction. The only change is my own reformation. It seems absurd for me to continue to belch all these thoughts all this nonsense entering into the judgement of some and the dismissal of most. People have their convictions and just as I am set in my way. So as someone somewhere before me has said "bless and release". Good night America.

YMCA, Daycare Issues and Another PR

I arrived in the afternoon for a quick run. The baby went to daycare laughing and talking. I used the restroom came out and thought I heard her. I went to check on her and she had been throwing up. She is not going to be left at the daycare for quite some time. I think she just became upset that she was left. I spent a lot of time with her cleaning her up and getting her something to drink. When she relaxed Theophani walked her around in the stroller for 30 min while I got a quick run in. I broke another PR 3 miles in 23.24 min. My legs really benefited from taking yesterday off. They didn't even break a sweat!!! My breathing was controlled and was regular. If the breathing gets away from you then it's all over. If you lose your cool it's done. When I compare this run to the last YMCA run where I was much slower (by over one min.) and it was much harder more difficult it is amazing. The contrast is so stark. Last time I had no rythem and the run though slow and short was daunting. It's those difficult, not fun runs, that make these experiences possible. I was really in the flow today. It was a good run despite the rough start with the baby. Afterward I bought her Milano cookies at publix which she really enjoyed. I enjoyed watching her eat them for the first time. The pool has finally recovered from the maintenance service I had. That guy couldn't keep a kiddie pool! Tomorrow or the next day it will be perfect for swimming and then I'll be sure to get my laps in probably in the early morning. Mia will love to use it too!!! The pool looks for refreshing when it's blue but it's 92 degrees!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

consistency the life of champions

Today I ran at home on the treadmill after weed-wacking the yard and blowing the debris. I put the baby down for her nap and the kids worked on getting their rooms together. I then headed downstairs to run. I was hoping to have weekends off but considering I never ran yesterday today's run was a must. As it turns out running is the least I do. I know to non runners it seems strenuous but to runners it is the most relaxing part of the day. Today I was a bit bored though. It's the monotony of running which can get you. It's two sides of the same coin. It can be melodic or just drone on and on. My thoughts drifted one from another. I was grateful that the house is straightening up nicely and the yard work completed. Well as completed as yard work can get in Florida. It's generally not good to run with a to do list longer then the length of your arm. There must be a pathological reason for me not to keep tidy when I appreciate my things organized. It must run deeper then laziness because the path of least resistance is not the one of choice for me. I must be in a state of undoing or it must be a way of flogging myself yes I jest. Anyway things look great now and I am truly grateful for all the blessing I have. I have been blessed with the One True Faith, health, family and material objects which I appreciate.

ultramarathon running not for the faint of heart

Dean Karnazes posted this on his blog. I wish I knew how to imbed. Sorry you'll just have to click the link. Next to running a ultra, any ultra a click should seem like well...nothing.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fountain of Youth or Puddle of Yuck

I have given up running during the kids swim team until Elias is able to watch the baby. It is too long for her to be at the Y. I tried to get back when the kids had karate for a quick run. She went to the kids zone without much incident and then while running I heard her. I had only 3.50 min. left to get to 30 min so I figured I'll just keep going. She didn't sound like she was escalating and then I noticed I kept hearing her. Just as they attendants came to get me I went to get the baby. She was crying and so relieved to see me. I felt small. They said she got more upset when they tried to pick her up. No joke she doesn't know the well intentions of keepers of the toys. So as it goes my runs may just have to happen at home for a while. Now a bit about the run. It was horrible. It was a slow 8.57 pace but I was just tired. My arms was fatigued and I forgot my Ipod. My body felt like lead. I was lucky that Cherise saw me on the treadmill after she taught her class and told me a bit about her hectic day. It was a good distraction. I was on the treadmill toward the back so I could see other people working out. There are so many personality and shapes and sizes out there. I wonder which group I fit in? I feel sorry for these botox, breast implant, lip plumping women. I really do. They look as if they had been disfigured at one time and tried to fix it. There is a whole class or classless group of people for whom the foreign cars, expensive homes and pricey jewelry and second husbands aren't enough and now that have begun modifying themselves so they look like those sad bulletin boards promising a fountain of youth. They mean a puddle of yuck.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Met. Jonah's push to become the 1st American Patriarch

I cannot remain silent during this time of great challenge to the dignity and sovereignty of the Ecumenical Throne; nor do I believe I should be. This is my honest assessment.
Essentially Met. Jonah's push to become the first American Patriarch is a geopolitical move. It is void of spiritual correctness and is indicative of a systemic illness which has plagued the OCA since its inception. Ontologically it is the result of their heretical and schismatic history. Their rebellion and defiance of Canon 28 goes unchallenged and unnoticed by the OCA clergy which is over 75% converts. Additionally the flames of rebellion are flamed by cradle Orthodox who are either of mixed marriage themselves or whose children have left the faith or have married outside the faith. They have not been purged of the protestant ideals of individualism and sanctimonious self righteous piety. What motivates Met. Jonah and others can be summed up in Latin as many object to the use of Greek: "Dividee et impera". Bishops and laity wish to disunite Orthodox Christians who are loyal to the Ecumenical Throne as a practicality. How else would Met. Jonah hope to usurp control for himself? If each jurisdiction establishes for itself distinct authority and territory 'independently owned and operated' he can essentially abolish any centralized control or direction all under the guise of service. Keeping the church in a state of stagnation. The Russian Orthodox Church is seemingly in agreement with Met. Jonah as they feel poised and ready to make a power grab. Their hope is similar to that of the Islamic world where they are simply waiting out the lifespan of the dwindling Orthodox minorities in their homelands and more importantly who patiently await the abandonment and disinterest of Orthodox Christians living abroad.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Oath is an Oath Percisely Because it can not be Removed

I took an oath before God that I would support and defend to the best of my ability to the Ecumenical Patriarchate. I have instructed my children in their obligation to this cause. They take up this banner with all fervor and understanding appropriate to their age and ability. I have always spoken to my children about doing what is not always comfortable even unto death. Having said this our unfading loyalty will not be shaken and is not up for dispute or dialogue. I am not going to politely agree to disagree or to take a policy of avoidance. Rather in my house we proclaim our support for His All Holiness. His All Holiness is the earthly head of our household. As I have indicated without reservation and of my free volition to defend the Ecumenical Patriarchate until my dying breath. I am prepared to die for Christ if I were chosen worthy to do so as I am willing to accept ridicule and oppression for my loyalty and work for the Ecumenical Patriarchate. I am not a great church leader or a person of widsom but Jesus chose fisherman and take up my cross and serve as I am able. We are not a protestant community where by each church decides for itself the method by which they proselytize. We must follow the jurisdictional guidelines. If such regulations are amended it is not through coercion but through an Ecumenical decree. I am sorry the leaders of the controversial OCA finds this objectionable or if the ROC believes that being large in numbers is somehow going to intimidated the Ecumenical Patriarchate. In this I have my certainty. I will continue to assert my efforts to assist in whatever capacity I am able I will subject myself to whatever inconvenience or liability necessary to fulfill this commitment. My devotion for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been and will continue to be concretely expressed and expounded upon in this aim. My dedication is operationalized in my service to the Mother Church. So I will be political and raise juristinctions issues when necessary despite what a local priest might direct.

play time for mommy and mia

This morning's run was during the kids swim practice did not happen. Mia did not want to go to the day care and I wasn't going to just let her cry. This afternoon when the kids went back for their cross training instruction I took her in the day care stayed with her a bit and then went for a 30 min. run. I am happy to report that I have been running faster paces and with greater ease. This is definitely a breakthrough period. I know from past experience that it will level off and then I will stay at this level until the next breakthrough. Knowing that I'm aging there will come a time when my pace may not improve but I'm not there yet. Perhaps there will be a chance for the Boston Marathon. My telephones are driving me crazy. I can't get over how much rouble we are having with the lines of service. Changing a phone number shouldn't be this hard. Getting overseas calls though shouldn't be so unreliable. Off to church. Congrats to everyone who won the blog awards. Although i didn't win my category I am appreciative of everyone who voted for me and grateful that I lost to an articulate writer.

ROC concerned with Constantinople Patriarchate

Russian Orthodox Church is concerned with the ambitions of the Constantinople Patriarchate in France
08 June 2009, 11:31
Russian Orthodox Church is concerned with the ambitions of the Constantinople Patriarchate in France
Paris, June 8, Interfax - The Moscow Patriarchate Diocese of Korsun accuses the Constantinople Church in actions that constitute a threat to the Orthodoxy in France."At the same time there are also real threats to Orthodoxy in France, which make us all think deeply over its future as we see increasingly alarming tendencies," says the Message of the Diocese of Korsun to the Secretariat of the 4th Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference opened on June 6 in Chambesy, Switzerland, published by Interfax-Religion.For the last several decades, two Orthodox jurisdictions are operative in France which both refer to themselves as Russian - the Moscow Patriarchate Diocese of Korsun and the Exarchate of Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe governed by the Constantinople Church."Throughout the recent years we have seen a growing tendency of one jurisdiction's (the Constantinople - IF) dominance at the expense of the principle of conciliarity inherent in the Orthodox Church," the Message of the Diocese of Korsun reads.The reason for this Message was the refusal of Metropolitan Emmanuel Adamakis, head of The Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in France, (the Constantinople Patriarchate) to include a hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in this body.In this regard, the document states that the Assembly "becomes ever more a tool for one jurisdiction to achieve its own goals, as its representative is the Assembly's permanent chairman."The Diocese of Korsun says it's necessary that the chairman of the Assembly "should be elected by all its members since it is in the interests of all the Orthodox Churches. This will ensure a successful and fruitful coordination work of Orthodox Assemblies."The authors of the Message expressed hope that the participants of the 4th Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference would address the challenges existing in the Orthodox world of France.Participants of the 4th Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference in Chambesy will touch upon the topic of organizing Orthodox diaspora (Orthodox believers living out of borders of any local Orthodox Church). Several centuries had passed after the last seventh Ecumenical Council and there are a lot of questions that need all-church solution for the sake of strengthening unity and avoiding schisms in one Orthodox Church.To settle these questions it is planned to hold the Holy and Great Council of the Eastern Orthodox Church in foreseeable future. It was decided to get ready for the Great Council by way of convening all-Orthodox pre-council consultations and inter-Orthodox preparatory commissions.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1021.56 miles and counting

I was checking out the mileage logged on my Ghost sneakers which are worn out when I realized, since September 2008 when I started a sneaker odometer reading, I have logged 1021.56 miles. That blows me away. I know for veteran runners and for the more serious athletes it is nothing to talk. for me however it is amazing. Like prayer all those steps added up. They help to shape mind, body and spirit. In small consistent doses. What is more amazing is how many of those steps where made while praying and meditating on my relationship with and to God. On my stewardship to the church and the Holy Mother Church. So for all you couch potatoes: "Just put one foot in front of the other ans soon you'll be walking out the door".

Just run, just pray just live

Today was another early run at the Y. I am shifting workout times to the morning because of convenience and necessity. It is interesting to get the run out of the way in the morning. It is noteworthy to mention the time it frees up. I don't spend the day thinking about the where, when or how long. It gets done when it gets done and it's over. Prayer is so important to life. It is something that gets pushed to the side and fit in where it can. I find that attending regular services keeps it in the forefront of my mind. It is a daily companion to my activities. It is amazing how much time is spent talking about God and religion. It effects all aspects of existence. It is also astonishing how many people are offended that God is not kept at home locked away in some compartment. I am enjoying the summer with the kids. We are quite organized due to scheduled activities. I have found that technology is a great tool but sometimes requires way too much maintenance. Have a great day. "This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it".

Monday, June 8, 2009

YMCA treadmill run

Today we were at the YMCA before 8 am. The kids began swim team and I ran while the baby was in 'daycare'. I saw Cherise from the group I used to train with. She is always upbeat and very friendly I think maybe welcoming is more accurate. On wed. I may take her spin class. It was good to get running again. It put all my insecurities to rest. Of course a high school boy from cross country was letting Theophani know about how the treadmill is not a great workout. He should have read my blog!!! It's great to see the kids training again. Father said something noteworthy yesterday. Reading and studing is information but services are instructive. I think that training is much the same. You can read about it and that's informative but nothing replaces training.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

thumbs up for treadmill training


This blog has a great artical about treadmill running. I enjoy my training on the treadmill because of its convience and the control it provides. It allows me to think about the run and the mechanics of running and not the weather or the traffic. Running long distances after all require focus not distractions. Dig deep.

comparisons and insecurity

I feel quite good about my level of fitness. I believe I have an accurate understanding of my talent, potential and limitations. I can distinguish between innate ability and limitations due to restrictions on my training. I am not driven to cross train or do core workouts. I almost never work out to the numbers but loosely follow guidelines. I understand the return I get is based mostly on my effort and advancing age. I also readily acknowledge that I am not athletically inclinded as it were. Having said all this most times I feel fit enough to handle what I take on and seldom find myself in the back of the pack. Now maybe I run with a motley crew but I seriously doubt that. I tend to mingle with type A personalities so it is as if their anal tendencies keep me on task. The issue I have been beating around is how when I brake away from my comfort zone that I start to feel as if it's all smoke and mirrors. These reality checks are beneficial in that it requires real honesty. They also have a strong negative pull which could easily lead to indifference and avoidance which is not rational or reasonable. So today I had good faith intentions of running and didn't. I chose a cat nap to a run, then running an errand to a run and then a snack to a run. So tomorrow I will have to make time to run for sure. Maybe I just need weekends off. I have been incredibly sore from housework/remodeling. Now that's cross training. I suppose so long as these lapses don't become habitual they serve a purpose which is not necessarily counter productive or pleasurable. It's important to analyze what drives us to and from what is beneficial and worthy of our time. Knowing what triggers us can help us take better control of our behavior which often helps to take hold of our thought. When I am training faithfully it takes time yes...but it also removes concerns which preoccupy the thoughts of others. Food as energy and a body as transportation resolve body image concerns of many and dieting habits of others. I never seem to have such concerns because my behavior shifts the focus of what is important and necessary to continue to perform my training and runs.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pentacost Sermon

Koinonia posted this and it is too great to pass up!!!

dead legs and impact of good tidings

There is no run today. No way possible. My quads are cracking. I took the kids for a short swim and then to the mall to spend some time out. Tomorrow after church I will run for sure to loosen up my legs which are getting stiffer and stiffer. I missed vespers tonight and it is the Sat. of Souls. It is unfortunate we were going then then we weren't. I can't say that taking a day off of church is the same as resting from running.
I am learning that doing small acts of kindness have profound effects on the giver and the given. It is amazing to see the accumulation of good tidings. Don't underestimate the power of a good thing no matter how small to change things for the better. Too often we don't do anything because we don't think it will do any good. It is the devil's way of keeping us true to the small things so that we never are trusted with larger things. So that we can't conceive of doing greater things. So that we never attempt any good at all.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Today was another run at the YMCA. Mia has a knack for doing number two as I'm running. I put in a 2 miler changed her and then back for another 2.54. My times have been pretty good and I'm learning which are the good treadmills at the Y. I am running faster and faster and that means I'm having a breakthrough. It's amazing you never quite know when that is going to happen. If you could only bottle it (make a fortune). I can catch the t.v. if i run with a radio. We had some work around the house so swimming and running longer was not in the cards. I think tomorrow will be a swim day because my knees are hurting from the house work. The kids are starting to really enjoy the time at the Y. I know that will fade too but like karate and school work once you become accustomed to the effort you start to look forward to it. They in fact take for granted that every summer they will read profusely and do math. I'm off now as my body is just tired.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Set a PR!!!

I joined the YMCA finally. Those who have been following this blog since it started; will know that I toyed with the idea for months. Now that the kids finished school and the baby is old enough, by my standard, it was time. Theophani and I ran on the treadmills. It was great to see her running again. Stavro shot hoops and will use the treadmill once he has his training. The big news here was Mia. She had her first daycare experience and she did great! She didn't cry and played well with the other kids. I ran a speed drill and broke a PR 3 miles in 24 mins flat. I ran for a total of only thirty minutes because I didn't see the quick start button on the treadmill which I will use for future reference. I'm considering running and then finishing up with some laps in the pool to begin training for a tri which I also have been discussing forever. In addition, I didn't want to push Mia to hard to fast. The kids are joining the swim team which will be great for the summer and then Theophani will know if she prefers to be on the school swim team instead of cross country. Stavro may decide to stay with the YMCA swim team through the school year. Anyway it was a big day for the family and now we are off to lunch. Mmmm.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mileage -0-

Today was the first day in weeks that I haven't run. It also was the last day of school for the kids and vespers. The run just wasn't happening. It's o.k. rest is an integral part of any good training program. I will look forward to my juiced up legs and arms tomorrow. Each day brings with it opportunity for growth and recovery. Today the body recovers. I have been thinkng about practicing my karate hands katas at home. They are structured movements-forms. It has been a while and they are a great cross training. I did join a Tampa Bay ultra marathon runners group. I am hoping to run with them soon and run my first ultra this calender year!!! I tried to encourage the women I used to train with but they were not interested. Tomorrow may be the day the family joins the YMCA. I am looking forward to incorporating swims and cycling in prep for a tri i have been wanting to do. Living in FL it seems ridiculous not to do tri's. The kids can do their activities while I workout. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ecumenical Council of the Orthodox Church

(photo from Archon website)

The “Great” or “Ecumenical” Councils, accepted by both East and West, and adopted by a large part of Christendom inasmuch as they defined and defended the fundamental doctrines of the Christian Church, were held either in or near the city of Constantinople.

I. Nicaea 325
Main Teaching: formulated the first part of
the Symbol of Faith, known as the “Nicaean Creed,” defining the divinity of the Son of

II. Constantinople 381
Main Teaching: formulated the second part
of the Symbol of Faith, defining the divinity
of the Holy Spirit. The “Nicaean-Constantinopolitan Creed” remains
unchanged in the Orthodox Church since the fourth century. It is recited at every baptism
and repeated during each Divine Liturgy.

III. Ephesus 431
Main Teaching: proclaimed Jesus Christ as
the Incarnate Word of God and Mary as the Theotokos.

IV. Chalcedon 451
Main Teaching: proclaimed Jesus Christ as
fully divine and fully human, two natures in
one person.

V. Constantinople 553
Main Teaching: confirmed the doctrines of
the Holy Trinity and the person of Jesus

VI. Constantinople 680–681
Main Teaching: affirmed the full humanity of Jesus Christ by insisting on the reality of His human will.

Penthekti (or Quinisext) 692
Main Teaching: completed the doctrinal teaching of the fifth and sixth Ecumenical Councils.

VII. Nicaea 787
Main Teaching: affirmed the use of icons as genuine expressions of the Christian faith in
the doctrine of the divine Incarnation .

Source: Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Phanariot Proper

Today was a simple enough run. Not much to comment on. I did a lot of thinking about the Church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Without it as an institution, without the Throne of the Ecumenical Patriarch endowed with all rights and privilege, there is no Orthodoxy. I hope the OCA and its leadership recognizes the pardon given it. I hope Metropolitan Jonah shakes off his personal ambition and begins to support the Phanar. Islam has been waiting since the 29th of May 1453 to take eradicate Orthodoxy from the region. Praise the Lord they are still waiting. I wonder if the OCA has that kind of fortitude. I think it highly doubtful. In all its illustrious history the Ecumenical Patriarchate never stood idle. It don't believe it currently is taking directives from the OCA, bullies, thugs, government bodies or politicians. The Raya (cattle people) (as the Turks historically referred to the Greeks) will not be moved. I don't believe the Ecumenical Patriarchate will yield to the mandates of others as if a herd of cattle to be prodded to and fro.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

ultra doesn't mean new and improved

This blog was a long time coming today. I lost Internet and phone for hours. I was accepted into the ultra ladies yahoo group. I was very pleased with my acceptance and spent some time reviewing the photos. Wow I think I might be way out of my league. They are all incredible. I guess being an ultra-marathoner is way cooler then just a marathon participant. I want to be cool too.
The problem I live in Florida just north of Tampa. There is a 30k in Nov. I did the half the year I had brain surgery so maybe I'll to that one. then there is the Ironhorse which i was hoping to run this year after the Disney marathon but I had no takers. I can't find anyone to run them with me yet and i am too skittish to run totally alone especially I don't ahve acrew to help me make drops etc. When I thought ultra I never thought BADWATER!!!
Thanks for letting me chime in. you will all serve as a tremendous inspiration. Affiliation with them will be inspirational. I did run on the treadmill as all my runs have been for several weeks now. I focused on just running the time and racing the clock. tomorrow i hope to run for a specified time not mileage instead of racing to get it over with. I need to teach myself patience. It is a recurring theme. I need to know run an hour no matter how far or an hour and a half or two hours. School finishes this week and I am so glad to be able to hang with the kid and not have to function as some enforcer. I think it will have far reaching benefits.

memory eternal for air france passengers

I am disturbed by the overreaction of the killing us the abortion doctor who has killed over 60,000 fetus' in his career spanning over 30 years. The empathy the far left expresses for his family rings hallow. You don't get to be married to a mob like figure and then expect sympathy when someone snaps.
As for the killing in the reformed church what kind of church actively ministers and embraces such a maniacal figure. I wish that efforts would be spent to overthrow this legalization of baby killing the aborting of unborn infants.
On the matter of lamenting a loss and death let's pray for the people on the Air France air bus who who left their families with the understanding that they would return home.

As Christians of any denomination this is an area that we can unite on. We cannot unite and ignore theological differences but on the issue of abortion let's have our voices heard.