Monday, June 15, 2009

YMCA, Daycare Issues and Another PR

I arrived in the afternoon for a quick run. The baby went to daycare laughing and talking. I used the restroom came out and thought I heard her. I went to check on her and she had been throwing up. She is not going to be left at the daycare for quite some time. I think she just became upset that she was left. I spent a lot of time with her cleaning her up and getting her something to drink. When she relaxed Theophani walked her around in the stroller for 30 min while I got a quick run in. I broke another PR 3 miles in 23.24 min. My legs really benefited from taking yesterday off. They didn't even break a sweat!!! My breathing was controlled and was regular. If the breathing gets away from you then it's all over. If you lose your cool it's done. When I compare this run to the last YMCA run where I was much slower (by over one min.) and it was much harder more difficult it is amazing. The contrast is so stark. Last time I had no rythem and the run though slow and short was daunting. It's those difficult, not fun runs, that make these experiences possible. I was really in the flow today. It was a good run despite the rough start with the baby. Afterward I bought her Milano cookies at publix which she really enjoyed. I enjoyed watching her eat them for the first time. The pool has finally recovered from the maintenance service I had. That guy couldn't keep a kiddie pool! Tomorrow or the next day it will be perfect for swimming and then I'll be sure to get my laps in probably in the early morning. Mia will love to use it too!!! The pool looks for refreshing when it's blue but it's 92 degrees!!!

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