Friday, June 26, 2009

Greetings and Salutations

I want to reach out to my newest readers who hail from several distant locations, most recently Paauilo Hawaii, , Winnied Canada, Mantoba Canada, Ankara, Turkey, Istanbul Turkey, Atiki Greece, Amman Jordan. I hope not to disappoint as I try to have each entry be less about me and more about the common experience which transcends my individual experience. I am to write more than just about ‘the run’ or more then church politicking. I wish these mini expressions are not perceived as some extension of my own inclination toward narcissism. I don’t consider myself a narcissist though they make accomplished athletes for example the personality type doesn’t come with its liabilities. Anyway thank you for my returning readers and for those of you browsing the net. Visit again and visit often. Comments are always replied to and posted they are moderated only for profanity. I am looking to post on so that the blog can have its own electricity with readers responding to each other using my initial postings more s a springboard for their dialogue.

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