Thursday, June 4, 2009

Set a PR!!!

I joined the YMCA finally. Those who have been following this blog since it started; will know that I toyed with the idea for months. Now that the kids finished school and the baby is old enough, by my standard, it was time. Theophani and I ran on the treadmills. It was great to see her running again. Stavro shot hoops and will use the treadmill once he has his training. The big news here was Mia. She had her first daycare experience and she did great! She didn't cry and played well with the other kids. I ran a speed drill and broke a PR 3 miles in 24 mins flat. I ran for a total of only thirty minutes because I didn't see the quick start button on the treadmill which I will use for future reference. I'm considering running and then finishing up with some laps in the pool to begin training for a tri which I also have been discussing forever. In addition, I didn't want to push Mia to hard to fast. The kids are joining the swim team which will be great for the summer and then Theophani will know if she prefers to be on the school swim team instead of cross country. Stavro may decide to stay with the YMCA swim team through the school year. Anyway it was a big day for the family and now we are off to lunch. Mmmm.

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