Wednesday, June 10, 2009

play time for mommy and mia

This morning's run was during the kids swim practice did not happen. Mia did not want to go to the day care and I wasn't going to just let her cry. This afternoon when the kids went back for their cross training instruction I took her in the day care stayed with her a bit and then went for a 30 min. run. I am happy to report that I have been running faster paces and with greater ease. This is definitely a breakthrough period. I know from past experience that it will level off and then I will stay at this level until the next breakthrough. Knowing that I'm aging there will come a time when my pace may not improve but I'm not there yet. Perhaps there will be a chance for the Boston Marathon. My telephones are driving me crazy. I can't get over how much rouble we are having with the lines of service. Changing a phone number shouldn't be this hard. Getting overseas calls though shouldn't be so unreliable. Off to church. Congrats to everyone who won the blog awards. Although i didn't win my category I am appreciative of everyone who voted for me and grateful that I lost to an articulate writer.

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