Monday, June 1, 2009

memory eternal for air france passengers

I am disturbed by the overreaction of the killing us the abortion doctor who has killed over 60,000 fetus' in his career spanning over 30 years. The empathy the far left expresses for his family rings hallow. You don't get to be married to a mob like figure and then expect sympathy when someone snaps.
As for the killing in the reformed church what kind of church actively ministers and embraces such a maniacal figure. I wish that efforts would be spent to overthrow this legalization of baby killing the aborting of unborn infants.
On the matter of lamenting a loss and death let's pray for the people on the Air France air bus who who left their families with the understanding that they would return home.

As Christians of any denomination this is an area that we can unite on. We cannot unite and ignore theological differences but on the issue of abortion let's have our voices heard.

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