Monday, June 1, 2009

ultra doesn't mean new and improved

This blog was a long time coming today. I lost Internet and phone for hours. I was accepted into the ultra ladies yahoo group. I was very pleased with my acceptance and spent some time reviewing the photos. Wow I think I might be way out of my league. They are all incredible. I guess being an ultra-marathoner is way cooler then just a marathon participant. I want to be cool too.
The problem I live in Florida just north of Tampa. There is a 30k in Nov. I did the half the year I had brain surgery so maybe I'll to that one. then there is the Ironhorse which i was hoping to run this year after the Disney marathon but I had no takers. I can't find anyone to run them with me yet and i am too skittish to run totally alone especially I don't ahve acrew to help me make drops etc. When I thought ultra I never thought BADWATER!!!
Thanks for letting me chime in. you will all serve as a tremendous inspiration. Affiliation with them will be inspirational. I did run on the treadmill as all my runs have been for several weeks now. I focused on just running the time and racing the clock. tomorrow i hope to run for a specified time not mileage instead of racing to get it over with. I need to teach myself patience. It is a recurring theme. I need to know run an hour no matter how far or an hour and a half or two hours. School finishes this week and I am so glad to be able to hang with the kid and not have to function as some enforcer. I think it will have far reaching benefits.

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