Saturday, June 13, 2009

consistency the life of champions

Today I ran at home on the treadmill after weed-wacking the yard and blowing the debris. I put the baby down for her nap and the kids worked on getting their rooms together. I then headed downstairs to run. I was hoping to have weekends off but considering I never ran yesterday today's run was a must. As it turns out running is the least I do. I know to non runners it seems strenuous but to runners it is the most relaxing part of the day. Today I was a bit bored though. It's the monotony of running which can get you. It's two sides of the same coin. It can be melodic or just drone on and on. My thoughts drifted one from another. I was grateful that the house is straightening up nicely and the yard work completed. Well as completed as yard work can get in Florida. It's generally not good to run with a to do list longer then the length of your arm. There must be a pathological reason for me not to keep tidy when I appreciate my things organized. It must run deeper then laziness because the path of least resistance is not the one of choice for me. I must be in a state of undoing or it must be a way of flogging myself yes I jest. Anyway things look great now and I am truly grateful for all the blessing I have. I have been blessed with the One True Faith, health, family and material objects which I appreciate.

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