Monday, June 8, 2009

YMCA treadmill run

Today we were at the YMCA before 8 am. The kids began swim team and I ran while the baby was in 'daycare'. I saw Cherise from the group I used to train with. She is always upbeat and very friendly I think maybe welcoming is more accurate. On wed. I may take her spin class. It was good to get running again. It put all my insecurities to rest. Of course a high school boy from cross country was letting Theophani know about how the treadmill is not a great workout. He should have read my blog!!! It's great to see the kids training again. Father said something noteworthy yesterday. Reading and studing is information but services are instructive. I think that training is much the same. You can read about it and that's informative but nothing replaces training.

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