Friday, June 12, 2009

Fountain of Youth or Puddle of Yuck

I have given up running during the kids swim team until Elias is able to watch the baby. It is too long for her to be at the Y. I tried to get back when the kids had karate for a quick run. She went to the kids zone without much incident and then while running I heard her. I had only 3.50 min. left to get to 30 min so I figured I'll just keep going. She didn't sound like she was escalating and then I noticed I kept hearing her. Just as they attendants came to get me I went to get the baby. She was crying and so relieved to see me. I felt small. They said she got more upset when they tried to pick her up. No joke she doesn't know the well intentions of keepers of the toys. So as it goes my runs may just have to happen at home for a while. Now a bit about the run. It was horrible. It was a slow 8.57 pace but I was just tired. My arms was fatigued and I forgot my Ipod. My body felt like lead. I was lucky that Cherise saw me on the treadmill after she taught her class and told me a bit about her hectic day. It was a good distraction. I was on the treadmill toward the back so I could see other people working out. There are so many personality and shapes and sizes out there. I wonder which group I fit in? I feel sorry for these botox, breast implant, lip plumping women. I really do. They look as if they had been disfigured at one time and tried to fix it. There is a whole class or classless group of people for whom the foreign cars, expensive homes and pricey jewelry and second husbands aren't enough and now that have begun modifying themselves so they look like those sad bulletin boards promising a fountain of youth. They mean a puddle of yuck.

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