Friday, June 5, 2009

Today was another run at the YMCA. Mia has a knack for doing number two as I'm running. I put in a 2 miler changed her and then back for another 2.54. My times have been pretty good and I'm learning which are the good treadmills at the Y. I am running faster and faster and that means I'm having a breakthrough. It's amazing you never quite know when that is going to happen. If you could only bottle it (make a fortune). I can catch the t.v. if i run with a radio. We had some work around the house so swimming and running longer was not in the cards. I think tomorrow will be a swim day because my knees are hurting from the house work. The kids are starting to really enjoy the time at the Y. I know that will fade too but like karate and school work once you become accustomed to the effort you start to look forward to it. They in fact take for granted that every summer they will read profusely and do math. I'm off now as my body is just tired.

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