Friday, June 26, 2009

can't squeeze patience into a time slot

Today's treadmill run was not as magical as the last few days. My time for running though not officially set in stone was thrown way off today with family business. I could have just let the run go and not do it but I wanted to beat my monthly mileage so I pushed to fit it in. The major problem is that running teaches patience and it can't be rushed. You can't rush an hour of run time. I suppose I should have learned by now the run is better when I doesn't loom over my day. There were moments of flow and it did reach spiritual heights but there was also the dread that sometimes comes with just waiting to run the clock out. It's done now and I'm glad I did it I wish I ran smarter earlier in the day. I am only eight miles away from beating my monthly mileage goal so for sure I should smash it!!!

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