Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mileage -0-

Today was the first day in weeks that I haven't run. It also was the last day of school for the kids and vespers. The run just wasn't happening. It's o.k. rest is an integral part of any good training program. I will look forward to my juiced up legs and arms tomorrow. Each day brings with it opportunity for growth and recovery. Today the body recovers. I have been thinkng about practicing my karate hands katas at home. They are structured movements-forms. It has been a while and they are a great cross training. I did join a Tampa Bay ultra marathon runners group. I am hoping to run with them soon and run my first ultra this calender year!!! I tried to encourage the women I used to train with but they were not interested. Tomorrow may be the day the family joins the YMCA. I am looking forward to incorporating swims and cycling in prep for a tri i have been wanting to do. Living in FL it seems ridiculous not to do tri's. The kids can do their activities while I workout. We'll see.

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