Thursday, June 11, 2009

Met. Jonah's push to become the 1st American Patriarch

I cannot remain silent during this time of great challenge to the dignity and sovereignty of the Ecumenical Throne; nor do I believe I should be. This is my honest assessment.
Essentially Met. Jonah's push to become the first American Patriarch is a geopolitical move. It is void of spiritual correctness and is indicative of a systemic illness which has plagued the OCA since its inception. Ontologically it is the result of their heretical and schismatic history. Their rebellion and defiance of Canon 28 goes unchallenged and unnoticed by the OCA clergy which is over 75% converts. Additionally the flames of rebellion are flamed by cradle Orthodox who are either of mixed marriage themselves or whose children have left the faith or have married outside the faith. They have not been purged of the protestant ideals of individualism and sanctimonious self righteous piety. What motivates Met. Jonah and others can be summed up in Latin as many object to the use of Greek: "Dividee et impera". Bishops and laity wish to disunite Orthodox Christians who are loyal to the Ecumenical Throne as a practicality. How else would Met. Jonah hope to usurp control for himself? If each jurisdiction establishes for itself distinct authority and territory 'independently owned and operated' he can essentially abolish any centralized control or direction all under the guise of service. Keeping the church in a state of stagnation. The Russian Orthodox Church is seemingly in agreement with Met. Jonah as they feel poised and ready to make a power grab. Their hope is similar to that of the Islamic world where they are simply waiting out the lifespan of the dwindling Orthodox minorities in their homelands and more importantly who patiently await the abandonment and disinterest of Orthodox Christians living abroad.

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