Monday, April 19, 2010

a holy man and trying to run the good race

Today was the best run in this beginning phase. I am relearning pace and recovery while still moving. I would be remiss in not mentioning the glorious shade and the wind which moved through. I ran to music which I listened to at infinitum when I was preparing for brain surgery (MRI's) contemplation. mastering the art of running is about more then hitting the pavement. it definitely gets my attention, the pavement that is...I have to respect the mile even just one. every marathon begins with the first mile. I would also like to take the time to acknowledge the team of people my family for instance who have to reschedule their plans to meet my whim. sometimes the greatest obstacles are the result of resistance of those who are inconvenienced by the time and effort training requires. It really does take a team even for an individual sport like running and even for a mediocre athlete like myself . By design and character I am one of the most unlikely person to be participating in the gold standard for endurance and excellence. Actually my only competition are the voices blaring in my head telling me how ridiculous my athletic prowess is and how it's no excuse. Success is measured by effort not accolades or winning. Humbly without personal pride I rely on the generosity of fellow athletes, by standers, my readership and family to get me through. Just as  being a good Christian takes the church community to break the isolation and provide encouragement.

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