Sunday, April 18, 2010

AADD christian programming and week one behind me

Logged another run. Running almost daily. The runs shorter then my attention span which is very limited. I may actually have Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder. Anyway these short tiny weeny runs won't get me to marathon day but they established a good first week. I am building up my core which is severely weakened and working off my ever expanding girth. I remain hopeful and steadfast awaiting my breakthrough. Today I was flipping through channels as I passed through christian programming and I realized the whole case for the pentecostal revival movement and redemptive edge is founded on condemning the actual framework for salvation: the Church, ritual or any semblance of religion. Let's all be spontaneous and speak in unknown tongues (gibberish) thereby proving we are going to be swept away during the rapture. Diabolical garbage.

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