Saturday, April 17, 2010

Greetings Christ is Risen

Fellow bloggers, avid readers and  runners, spectators, visitors and you. Despite the no show of blog entries, which are more the result of computer keyboard issues then lack of interest, I have run twice since my last post. The one day I planned to run and didn't was tax day which is noteworthy only because I perceived the longing of the run. This is the most notable change. I have reincorporated running into my identity. It was scary for a while teetering between runner and slacker. I am glad to have this surety back in my life. It shapes my little world view and the way I celebrate, contemplate and center my daily living. It gives the foreground or backdrop for the events and circumstance of the day.
Right now is probably the most difficult part of training...the beginning. This is where insecurity rears its ugly head; self-conscious running is distracting and detracts from the essentials of good running. The trinity of the runner: the mind and body are 'run' into the soul. If I worry about outward appearance then the mind has escaped. The heat is compounding the issues with reconditioning but I will not be deterred. The marathon in Greece 2010 is still on he table but it is more likely that I'll simply pick up a more local race.
Once I get back my lost fitness I'll have to start to build races (half marathons) into my training as they were sorely lacking during last year.Last year I ran the half's every Sat. morning for months and more when I would run to church but races are different. They enable me to focus on gait, pace and technique. Leisurely running half marathons alone gave me joy but encouraged poor form and casualness to a fault. It seems silly to travel over 13 miles and be lazy. Also don't snicker but cycling will get put on my training map for cross training which I never do. Besides my Fuji has been waiting years (literally) for a spin.
When I train there is a clarity that occurs. It emboldens be to work harder and through one commitment be more willing and dutiful in the rest of my life.

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