Saturday, April 24, 2010

Run Fani run!!! Hurry up! Let'sGo! Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This evening i took Euphemia, Theophani and Xena out for a quick run before we picked up our pizza and met Elias and Stavro-nikitas back home for 'movie night'. To say the least Theophani prefer not to run with the el'dictator, her mom (me), commonly referred to as Tank the Shredder Evans [not complimentary]. Still she ran will run and will learn to love it....or will learn to suck it up. Mia kept saying "oh no! Zee Zee (Xena)... Gigi (theophani) gone"!!! You would think Theophani would run faster just so she doesn't have to watch  me running from the rear.

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