Monday, October 12, 2009

Suspect Claims Patriarch an Assassination Target

Ok the following report from Anakara has set the record straight for me. Islam is a peaceful religion. It encourages religious tolerance and basic human rights for all. Infidel doesn't appear anyway in their understanding of those 'not of the Book'

Τurkish drug suspect claims Patriarch an assassination target

ANKARA (ANA-MPA/A. Abatzis) - An alleged member of a drug trafficking ring recently arrested by Turkish police in Istanbul reportedly claimed during his testimony that "if I had not been arrested, I would have assassinated Patriarch Bartholomew (Vartholomeos)."

Police raided a house in the region of Ümraniye, on the Asia Minor side of the Bosporus metropolis, where it arrested 16 people.
The suspect, identified only by his initials, was quoted as claiming that the Ecumenical Patriarch's assassination was because "he (Bartholomew) is hostile towards Muslims."
The arrests reportedly led to a resolution of several pending cases, including the blackmailing of a Turkish businessman.

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