Sunday, October 11, 2009

Excited about Running

It is days like today when I realize just how much I enjoy running. How I have incorperated my run into my life and my life into my run. Putting aside number crunching and deadlines the scorecard thrown into the virtual trash bin I am liberated and free to engage the process. Without artificial markers running can be an experience which is pure. The mind body and soul are freed to exchange energy flowing freely unincumbered by intrusive or obsessive thoughts, while the body is called into submission and given the task of  breaking free from laziness; retaining the attention of each aspect of the self as the soul is free to well spin. It vassilates and spins on an axis of sorts. The three parts or wholes of myself sphere-like entities unconfused yet united create the most wonderful space. The mind must remain focused on the body being drawn inward to the place of the heart while the body given its labor responds with strength and endures the discomfort. The mind endures the need to remain present while the soul is freed having the attention and affections of the mind and body. I would greatly appreciate the input of those more articulate to describe the experience.

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