Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sat. Morning Run Sabotaged

At seven am I new something went awry. Cell phone alarm did not sound. In fact it was set for 6.55 not 5.50. Odd. I knew there would be hot java waiting so here I sit writing and drinking my wonderful beverage. The sun has already risen and the sun set will be seen behind the lens of my camera as my kids head out (with me of course) for the fall festivities. I readily admit my disappointment because I enjoy my Sat morning 13 miler at the park but looking for the silver lining I am planning on running from my house to Church maybe tomorrow. I can leave at 6.30 at be their for liturgy. There is even a shower I can rinse off in church house. My husband can bring me clean clothes when he comes with the kids. I have been meaning to do this for a while a run for my sister-in-law who is recovering from thyroid cancer. And for Paula who is recently had a 14 pound tumor removed along with a muscle in her butt area and her colon. Running thirteen would interfere with that tomorrow. If the kids decide to  go with their cousins to a haunted house then I could do the run in the afternoon and meet then there as they live within a mile from church. The heat has been a huge obstacle. It cools off for a day and then the humidity comes right back. This is the first Halloween I remember in the last 15years which has been so hot.

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