Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JN1034 off line

My computer space bar was disabled by my toddler so I naturally absconded my son's. My husband is getting ready for an icon exhibit. I haven't been able to run which is starting to upset me. Last week I only ran long runs. This week again and it doesn't look like I'll be running on sat. I could use a break as my knee has been aching. Still I would rather be running. If it would cool off a bit I could take Mia out for a run but not until then. Karate is winding up in full swing and the kids are psyched about competing nationally. I did it once and it was a trip. Time will tell. Anyway I just wanted to touch base with all (three) of my readers. I would be remiss in not mentioning that JN1034 has shut down their new site until November and then viewing will be on an invite only basis. This is unfortunate as I found their perspective to widen the scope of what is. They broadened the dialogue and were a much needed change from the mediocrity put forth by such blogs as Byzantine Texas who doesn't seem to know what he is.

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