Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cold Feet Frustration while Seated at a Banquet

Well I have continued about my work of setting up a viable business which is distinguished from my ministry of consulting and guiding people. I have been doing that for years and never collected money. According to my research there are hundreds if not thousands of gurus, experts, certified paraprofessionals a plenty. They sell everything from 'books' and coaching software programs to access to blogs and some one to one contact. I have found 'a course in miracles' which is an unholy endeavor but very profitable and others who rump around the world with their hypnotist and yoga experts in hand. I was afraid very afraid for the searchers the seekers who find snake oil and poison. I am now trying to figure out how to make this lucrative. I need to be able to generate a healthy income so I can continue my efforts full time and stay on my path. Cutting through the jungle is no easy task. It is difficult for me to explain to people why the approach to living, inner peace and our relationship to God can't take any path there are the one's that lead home and others that lead astray. I am praying for insight and the key to this issue and hoping for prosperity. Actively banishing all ideas which tell me it can’t be done and certainly not by me. Walking the walk.

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