Saturday, October 3, 2009

Skiddles to the Rescue

Today's morning run was glorious. I ran the first four with two women who are getting ready for their first marathon next weekend. I can remember being one week from my first 26.2 and it is exciting and a bit unerving as you convince yourself inspite of self doubt that success is waiting a week away. I realized as I was heading to the run that I run because I am a believer. I run for the pleasure and joy of it I still have no race in mind and aside from a long term goal of running an ultramarathon one day I am in no rush to register for anything. I will probably run the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day which is my least favorite race but I know Theophani and Stavro will both want to do it. It is a default run. Disney's Marathon may prove to be another default. If I up my mileage in November then I'm pretty much trained. I enjoy running the thirteen out and back on my own. I can appreciate all that is happening around me and in my life and put worries to rest. I didn't have anymore jells so I used skiddles instead. I enjoyed them more!!


Command0-182 said...

You should run with Red Bull, Red Bull gives you wings. ;)

Maybe you could do you own experiment and see if any particular foods you eat have greater/lesser impact on your running, for better or worse.

Angela Damianakis m.s.w said...

I enjoy coffee before the run. my jells had caffine in them but red bull might kill me. lol. i do have favorites but to change things up too much for longer runs could make them disasterous. keep in mind i run well over two hours for any runsover thirteen miles.