Friday, October 9, 2009

Courage to Step Out

I have been working on organizing my consulting business and having to 'sell my wares'. There are times I find myself caught on polar extremes between thinking I'm on the brink of genius or am completely lost in my own conceit. Of course reality is in the center right beside mediocrity. The hardest part of working in a field where I am the consultant, the guide, the advisor I should know where I'm headed. I know quite well what I'm doing with regard to the process and the work but sometimes I wonder if I have lost touch with the promotional piece the get out and pitch. My husband and I watched a movie last night and no I can't remember the name and I didn't see the ending yet but there were several important issues in the movie it explored a life's work and doing what we believe. I maintain that I believe what I am setting out to do I understand the work and it what comes naturally to me. Enough said. Tomorrow long run and I took the whole week off. This week training will officially begin. I wish the heat would go bye bye for a bit.

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Command0-182 said...

'sell my wares' - OH MY GOSH, looks like Angela is L33T counseling HaXor with illegal WAreZ... lololololololol!

Sorry. I heard someone say wares, which only means one thing to a computer guy like myself. lol ;) :D

Come to Idaho. No heat here. Nope. Notta. Been told it gets to be -30F here in the winter. Mmmmm so excited. :\