Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pre-scantified Liturgy Just Pray

'The Light of the world illumines all.'  I took the helm for the chanting again last night. I have come to enjoy and more importantly appreciate the significance of the pre sanctified service. The extended vesperal/liturgy gives time for me to be fully engaged for an extended period. The chanting is slowing coming together and by the last one (this Fri.) I'll have gotten the nuts and bolts of the service. Of course then Lent will be over.
When I asked my beloved son, Stavro, how the service went he said he 'like it'. When I inquired about the chanting in particular (my chanting) his reply was simply explained with three short words 'it needs work'. To which I replied 'which parts'?  To which he answered in a very matter of fact way, 'all of it'.  
Thanks for keeping it real. I know I have improved some but far be it from Stavro to discern this even minor improvement. One more on Friday then Holy Week is upon us. 

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