Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams Fired, Free Speech Gone, Total Censorship the New Black

Free speech has been under attack by LCLU and liberal media for decades. The only free or acceptable speech in the United States is politically correct talk. The political machine of the far left has used gestapo type tactics to intimidate and to assassinate the good character of descent people. The left machine has done everything to dehumanize opponents of their LSD hallucinogenic view of the world. Wake me before the body snatchers come. Muslims homicidal bombers murdered betraying innocent blood on 9/11. Anti-Christian sentiment voiced by left loon Joy Behart is demonic and encroaching on middle America. She is a sad irony of ultimate snobbery amidst total buffoonery. Let's remember Saudi Arabia believes non-Muslims are infidels and has not denounced the attacks. Entire nations and even an empire through centuries as prescribed to Jihad while 'moderate' or 'non-practicing' Muslims look the other way.

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