Thursday, September 1, 2011

growing “in the likeness” of God

"God’s grace renders us worthy today to commence yet another ecclesiastical year, one more festive cycle, within whose blessed opportunities we are called to struggle spiritually in order better to evaluate the potential that we have been granted for growing “in the likeness” of God so that we also might become His saints". --Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarchate

So today I found it appropriate to commence my marathon training. My summer sabbatical was much needed. As providence would have it this evening was a cool 87 degrees with a slight breeze. I will overlook the humidity in the spirit of optimism. Xena came with me my true running partner. During 3+mile outing i thought about the dependability of the road to always be there to recall carefree times when my legs where like well greased wheels of a locomotive. Xena was barking encouraging me with her enthusiasm for the open road. I am blessed to have this outlet for myself. Time to think less, to pay attention more, to be challenged and to enjoy the marvelousness of God. Tonight I was joined by a few bats those nocturnal wonders.

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