Monday, March 17, 2014

Donations for Help for Greek Orphans and Disabled

Dear Angela-Agapia,

Hope there is a possibility to help this girl and roots of course. Due to crisis things are so tight here. I would never post such a cry for help, but it’s a pity not to be able to find a financial solution for her.
Roots are not able to search for anybody for free, tax is so high even ngos have to pay 500 euros per year, though our tax account last year was 4500 euros! We cannot afford rented office and we are sheltered by the Church Archiepiskopi Athinon, not for long.

Do you think you can organize something for us? A lot of Greek charities and associations in US support Greek ngos but up to now we are not fortunate.

Thank you for your time,  God bless you




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