Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thank you to Phyllis for her encouraging words this Bright Week.  For all those who have been harmed and hurt by this charlatan with his messianic complex who in actuality has abandoned his wife young daughter and elderly mother. He preys on sentimentality of those who came here a generation or two ago who had to leave their families behind to make a way to learn a foreign language and to save pennies so the day would arrive that all would be reunited in the land of opportunity.  This man chooses to play the monastic as he walks about his his aging harem unadorned by his wedding ring.  If it looks, walks, and sounds like a duck--it's a duck.
The semblance of a thing is not the actuality. Father Gregory has since framed his behavior last night at the banquet and concert of Byzantine chant as an enlightenment. "I saw I light which told me to stop the way I was and to ask for forgiveness". Who would take offense with forgiving? But this was only a diversion without any semblance of a penitent man. Fr. Gregory's behavior exacts this great divide by continuing with his counterfeit demeanor. How can I conclude thus about intention because of his conduct.  He violated boundaries and  demanded in an obtrusive demeanor and manner insensitive to those who wanted a delightful evening with family and friends. He chose to make the evening about himself and appearances. Obviously such are not well suited or conducive to such dialogue and anyone with any semblance self control or common sense would consider such inappropriate timing. Common decency and decorum requires that we make amends and ask for forgiveness (our need) when to do so will not hurt or jeopardize the other. Once again he demonstrates that his own self interest and desire to rid himself of perceived ridicule drive his decision making not the needs of others. He continues to want to redraw new lines in the sand with restart after continued false starts on his part. Only yesterday just hours before were his supporters showing up at homes trying to convince others of is blameless hands. To fain regret for offenses and to regret getting caught are very different. Some things are counterfeit and we know this because it is tested against the gold standard.

To be clear Father Gregory was not removed from serving the Metropolis because of ill words or bad tempers. The Metropolis conducted its own internal investigations which brought about considerable and sufficient concern to stop Fr. Gregory from serving. Such decisions are not made based on personal affections or mere accusations but based on corroborated evidence,  anecdotal supports and pointed question and answers. 

Fr. Gregory admits to never willingly return to Greece to reunite with his wife or young daughter a choice which is not even an option. He is simply awaiting by his own admission to be released to go to another metropolis.

What is most important to understand is that he wishes to apologize to whom to me, my husband or family for what? For not connecting or for a misunderstanding? Apologies should reflect the infraction. He who secretly took advantage of the weak, the infirmed and the grieving should publicly write a letter stating that he lacked good judgment that is is never acceptable for a cleric to ask for money for his own pocket or to be included in wills of the wealthy widows.  

Begin by going to Vassili, Goldie, Mike, Marco and others and tell them you misled them you behaved without sound judgment and in your own self interest. Let's remember poor Betty who no longer walks the streets in her own neighborhood attend her own church or live in her own house. Let's not forget the widows who would were told to be good wives they must have trisagion weekly for two hundred dollars at the cemetery. Let's not forget the lies deception and schemes. Fr. will never come clean because he is already planning his next move, to the next parish with his horse and pony show where he will tell anyone who will give an ear that his family wants desperately to be with him and that his former parishes didn't support him. 

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