Monday, November 29, 2010

Büyükada Tuesday 29 November

By Nick Managas
To celebrate the tradition of ownership of the Orphanage of the Ecumenical Patriarchate Büyükada Tuesday 29 November, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew addressed to bishops, clergy and laity in the Throne Room, said the following about the issue:
"It would be remiss of me if I did not mention in your love in this day and time credit for a great event that happened today in the life and history of the Mother Church and that herein the Diaspora. You understand that I mean issuance and service to us of ownership in the name of our Patriarchate, through the building of orphanages Büyükada us (applause) which, and with it the Orthodox Church and our community, both passed difficult years, because we could not tolerate the injustice we had done so many years of anguish and struggles through the epanapoktisin of this magnificent building of our fathers, which is owned in full and without question.
Lost all the trials are known, and finally had to resort to the European Court of Human Rights, where edikaiothimen.
The Turkish Government have subsequently not pursued an that it was entitled by the anapsilafisi the proceedings, but accepted the decision of the Strasbourg and began then, with all necessary procedures, which estefthisan today and the success it to have at the hands of our midday today, by the hand of our legal advisers and representatives in our peripothiti title.
I repeat and emphasize the name of our Patriarchate, which means not only that the property epanapoktoume us, it means that now the Patriarchate has officially legal personality and has a right to immovable property and if it had no legal personality could fight will not be now in the hands of the title to the Orphanage of the princes.
We hope not to have driven things here that odigithisan because after so many years of struggle and distress reached the same denominator, we say. We came to have back the title we had in our hands and the Ottoman Empire and the period of the Turkish Republic.
We have title in 1929 and wrongly and poorly century upon us tetagmenai ancient and especially the General Directorate of Foundations imfisvitise this title, which the Turkish state itself had given us and odigithimen courts, idikithimen, we accepted, and we again I repeat there from where we started, and unjustly vain ...
Happy ending all good, as we say. Thank goodness sake everyone.
Let it be a lesson and a reminder to us all that we should never apogoitefometha never be pessimistic, you never have to deposit their spiritual weapons, but to continue as a community and as the Great Church of Christ, to agonizometha and have the same competitive spirit and can count against the Providence of God, that God's providence over all human barriers, all human problems, and our exports to each anapsychin.
God knows the ways of the streets and paths, which we can not imagine.
And here is the result of our not ceased nor a time to hope for love and charity of God, until our final vindication. "

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