Monday, November 8, 2010

The Publican and The Pharasee: Abuse, Shame Salvation

The Publican and The Pharasee
June 22, 2010 by elgreca262

Candles flicker void of glowing rays;
rather weaving shadows dark child.
Cloaked in sleep’s dark desire
lamenting orchestras wail her requiem.
In a vacuum of fury, the fiery wick consumes.
Its honorable calling, discarded and forsaken.
The cassock an ironic display,
for a collapsar of lost souls.
A fool hearted jester parading in costume,
posturing as a peacock of transfiguration.
Assurances plundered by vessels of light
the flock scattered; sacked by the vested.
Cloaked and on the prowl they devour,
driven by their ravenousness appetites.
Depleting her hope for abatement or reprieve
this subversive elect erode good-faith.
The brotherhood, now an order of squalor;
dishonored by the whimsical cruelty it ignores.
Her prayer-rope, like millstones, plunge her to the abyss
the daunting purgatory of regret, feeds self-abasement.
Scandal mocks idealism and scourges trust.
Forsaken and abandon, self-reproach strangles.
Compunction and self‑reproach are daily companions
as the torments of this spiritual catastrophe festers.
Within the refracted enlightenment of suffering,
she who is sorrowful, prays;
returning again to the altar,
at the very feet of the priest who offers the Chalice.

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