Wednesday, November 24, 2010

negative trajectory since conceding one iota to Islam

The world has been on a negative trajectory since it conceded one iota to Islam. We are being conquered in a court of public opinion and invaded by legal charter. This catastrophe beguiles all right minded rational God fearing people. Confusing civilized pretensions with morality is a red herring. The letter of the law likewise is not defense. Historically being a Christian was a death sentence and in many parts of even the civilized world it still is. Proselytizing is punishable by life imprisonment and conversion is punishable by death.

Mohammad was a warring man who paired his political ambitions and demagoguery with heresy. Who could fathom this immature, ill planned, belief system would take off.

Flash forward my RAYA brethren to the Cordoba House Mosque, the bridge building outreach center laughable. A mosque extending goodwill, hardly. It is merely a testament of the brazen audacity of Muslims. If they want to give a show of goodwill then disavow jihad, 911 and stop homicide bombing.

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