Friday, February 25, 2011

Bishop Tikon Explained the Confusion OCA Gibberish

"Those belonging to Local Churches which do not impose " leaves of absence" on hierarchs, as does the OCA , I should have explained that it is a de facto suspension without recourse to legality , i .e ., the canonical bases and requirements of such . It is a kind of would- be-pious ruse in order to circumvent such legalities , canonical bases and requirements. It has an unpleasant history in the OCA/Metropolia . In some cases the OCA Synod resorts to this kind of ad hoc suspension when "out of court settlement "
or "plea- bargaining " fail to produce a "voluntary" retirement . I would like to prevent any irresponsible gossip about a coup undertaken to prevent the Metropolitan from putting his house in order."
+ Tikhon'
Bishop . OCA . retired

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