Friday, February 25, 2011

Update: Synod Places Met. On Leave

The details are slow coming and the speculation continues to mount as the  remains silent. Discord between Met.Jonah and his supports and staff has forced the hand of the Synod to place him on leave. Reports of the actual time frame has varied from 45-60 days. Such a sabbatical is unheard of and has been poorly planned as the laity are left to defend or accuse. Perhaps Met. Jonah will go as did Archbishop Spyridon of the GOA.
Currently  Archbishop Nathaniel serves as the senior hierarch is named Temporary Administrator. O.K. so he is the acting CEO of the corporation as it were.

The Greek website was the first to report this story and remains a reliable and trustworthy source. It is clear that the facts are still coming in and that this situation has been brewing for sometime. Interestingly even  retired Bishop Tikhon of Los Angeles chimed in on the Internet stating  “Metropolitan Jonah.... has been given the “Bishop Nikolai’ treatment------mandatory leave of absence".

What remains painfully clear is that Met. Jonah's flock and field hands are unhappy with his comments that 'they must lessen or others can increase'.

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