Friday, February 25, 2011

OCA Spin Doctors Account:Down One Chancellor with One Met. on Sabbatical

SHHHHHHH don't look behind the curtain. Of course there is no discord (hardly). One chancellor gone and one meditating Metropolitan. Clearly the OCA business as usual. Only they awoke to find ROCOR with the keys to the rectory.

Legitimacy is not begotten by rebellion as it leads to irrationality, chaos and madness. Perhaps Met. Jonah does truly require a respit from his post; time enough to consider that his church is reaping what it has sown. Is the OCA yet again with this sabatical creating new protocols of anomaly to forgo the hard work of a robust dialogue on issues of independence, territories and revisionist history.

The Ecumenical Patriarchate has withstood many trials, tribulations, heresy, war and oppression proclaiming with all vigor the One True Faith. It has continued throughout the millennium with an inner strength and resiliency. Orthodox Patristic Theology has never been lost or forsaken. The Ecumenical Throne has never forsaken the unchanging teachings and Theology of the Church. There is no innovation and therefore no room for error. Despite resent claims by splinter groups in the United States the Ecumenical Throne has maintained the Orthodox ethos completely and has embraced the variety of wonderful ethnic expressions of it. Some Orthodox groups in the U.S have failed to assimilate their own thinking into the Orthodox Traditions.

This most recent attempt by the OCA to begin anew without proper authority may find itself completely confounded and hopelessly lost. This attempt to start over by its own judgement is riddled with danger. Too many OCA church leaders and lay people from several jurisdictions discuss Orthodoxy and the course of the Orthodoxy with a nearsightedness. Their premise is convoluted due to their narrow and limited understanding of Orthodoxy. There are several Orthodox jurisdictions who are in fact experiencing an identity crisis and wish to drag the established Orthodox community into the mud. Their belief speaks more to their own uncertainty and far less to the state of the Mother Church. The recent comments and direction of the OCA is restricted to their own attempts to stop corruption within their own ranks and is indicative of their own division. There is a strong underground, a culture of people who are pushing this American patriarchate in theory and in practice that he must come from the American fronteer.

Discussion and discourse is part and parcel of the social square. We should not shy away from intellectual dialogue and scrutiny. The OCA with its official memorandum is the equivalent of a well crafted propaganda piece. My blog is an honest account of what is thought about the turbulent past and present anomalies that comprise the OCA. I shutter to think what Met. Jonah would do if he had a flock of like 350,000,000 and was persecuted for his faith. The OCA got the Met. they deserve and prayed for.

This is how retired bishop Tikon explains the muddle: "Those belonging to Local Churches which do not impose " leaves of absence" on hierarchs, as does the OCA , I should have explained that it is a de facto suspension without recourse to legality , i .e ., the canonical bases and requirements of such . It is a kind of would- be-pious ruse in order to circumvent such legalities , canonical bases and requirements. It has an unpleasant history in the OCA/Metropolia . In some cases the OCA Synod resorts to this kind of ad hoc suspension when "out of court settlement " or "plea- bargaining " fail to produce a "voluntary" retirement . I would like to prevent any irresponsible gossip about a coup undertaken to prevent the Metropolitan from putting his house in order."

P.S I wish to affirm that news is not gossip and a summary not speculation; just as official statements are not necessarily truthful.


Isa Almisry said...

LOL. Nearly four weeks of no posts, and yet your fingers seem itching for the keys none stop.

"The Ecumenical Throne has never forsaken the unchanging teachings and Theology of the Church."

Obviously, you have never heard of Nsstorius. Or Sergius. Or Joseph I (of Florence fame). Or...

As for your Mother Churches, and your HAH-tack-OCA, have you seen this?
at the bottom you see "Orthodox Church in America" as you see "Ecumenical Patriarchate" at teh top. Canonical jurisdiction, with no reference to a "Mother Church." You can be a little pregnant only so long.

Angela Damianakis m.s.w said...

I should be flattered that you keep tabs on my blogging. please check out
It seems as if you are comparing Met. Jonah with Nstorios, Sergius or Joseph 1. That is interesting. I just don't think Met. Jonah has the fortitude necessary. He is being pushed out by his own Synod who lack integrity and foresight. As for the Ecumenical Throne I have never stated that all who sat upon it where righteous men only that the See has never been compromised. Also you mention The Assembly of Bishops the OCA admittance was as the diptychs read and were lucky to be there.

Isa Almisry said...

LOL. You have noticed the calendar feature on the right, no? It can instantly tell you the date of posts.

Besides that, yes, I periodically check in sample what the other side is saying.

No, I was comparing Nestorius, Sergius and John I with their successors.

As to the EA, everyone in the diptychs are there by the grace of God, the OCA being no exception.

Btw, as to Met. Jonah being forced out, the Midwest Diocese had requested that Met. Jonah take some time off a while ago, so what happened to Abp. Job of blessed memory did not happen to His Beatitude.