Monday, February 15, 2010

The Great Canon ...and have reduced wholly my mind to mud

The plans I made to attend the Great Canon of Holy Andrew of Crete was obstructed. I got to church early a minor miracle for this Greek and waited. With no priest there was no service.  All you would find in the parking lot was a sleeping tolder and this sinner inflamed by own frustration and disappointment yelling at my 13 year old as this is a day for prayer. After a 30 min drive home I collected what was left of my dignity and I decided to be an adult and went into my home 'chapel' and prayed a small compline and then the Canon for this evening. This makeshift vigil was soothing and reduced dejection and spurned my soul and body to behave responsibly for my own repentance. I was amazed how I could pray like the Pharisee even while alone in my chapel. The mind seldom ceases to boast pridefully of itself despite the sin.

I have darkened the beauty of my soul... and have reduced wholly my mind to mud.-- The Great Canon, Holy Andrew of Crete

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